Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Putting the Dots Together

Coming home from an enjoyable dinner with a friend and a dessert that was not chocolate. Shakshuka and kadaif, the house dessert at Hummus Place were the stars of this meal. But I am thinking what am I going to post about. What dots am I going to connect? I mean there was the coincidence that this Friday is the Final (weep) Quickies series that chapter member Rachel Kramer Bussel has been hosting at Happy Ending, and that my friend and I were talking about happy endings of a different kind, which was funny...but otherwise there are no dots to connect for this post. Well there they are--the dots! I am working right now on the first 6000 words of my as of yet unedited second NaNo novel to send out. And even though I often have a focus on the erotic even when I am not trying to--I was in high school when a teacher mistook for an erotic poem a poem I was writing about unrequited love--but the thing behind most of my stories is the connection between the two people that I choose and their relationship. The double entendred happy ending I was talking about over dinner was a combination of the conventional and unconventional. I'm pretty traditional and romantic--I love a big screenesque happy ending. But everyone defines things differently. I continue to learn that I learn a lot from my friends: about them, about myself and most importantly about how I see the world. It might have been the teacher who confused the meaning of my poem who told us in class that poetry is your heart, fiction is the way that you see the world. Thus all the dots connect in one way or another on our pages and screens as our worlds form.


  1. Good luck with your Nano. Have fun connecting those dots.

  2. Those dots always connect together in the end. I'm looking forward to this years Nano. I already started sketching an outline. I am in the process of revising one of my Nano manuscripts. Have fun.

  3. F--no wonder we get along so well. I too am traditional and romantic, and, not only do I expect, but I demand a big fat happy ending. In fact, the bigger, fatter and happier the better. Another two dots connected.