Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Red Lights

The start of my three day weekend began with going to the In The Flesh reading series to support my dear friend Madlyn March who is an ITF veteran. Madlyn read from a novel I had never heard of before, Sheila Levine is Dead and Living in New York and it is definitely a book that I will be reading in the future. It is my wish that Rachel Kramer Bussel (one of RWA-NYC's very own) continue with this series of Quickies in which moi-meme even read at the inaugural--Anais Nin, not my own work. I think there is nothing happier than cupcakes from Baked by Melissa served at this series! And nothing sexier than going to the bathroom at Happy Ending--where the readings are held--which is bathed in red light. Every reading is an event; I am still enthralled by a reader from a few months ago who read a hardcore BDSM work that brought (and brings) goosebumps to my flesh.
And it is simply just sexy. Red lights, cupcakes, amorous couples....If you read the ITF blog, I can tell you I did not see the couple that was making out Friday night, but I have seen couples make out and I was sitting near the couple that met and left together...
To end the three day weekend, I went to the Lady Jane's Salon reading at Madame X for The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker book release party for Leanna--there was no way I was going to miss her in full Victorian garb. She looked STUNNING, as did Katrina who read from Thief's Desire which she signed for me. Leanna signed Strangely Beautiful for me, which I think is the closest to the Harry Potter series that I am going to get. One just cannot go wrong with a Lady Jane's soiree--to spend the night surrounded in red velvet drinking Pussy Galores. Though in honor of the evening, I cheated on my signature Pussy Galore to have a Strangely Beautiful which had citron vodka and a blue and sweet liquor. Lady Jane was not upstaged by ITF because there were Lindt dark chocolate truffles present...
Both readings were amazing, the aura of red making it almost feel like fire in some instances. There was no lack of steamy excerpts, more of an abundance...
...and I loved it all.
And keep an eye out for profiles from all of the above in the coming months--Madlyn, Rachel, Leanna and Katrina.


  1. F--you go to the best places. I'm going to have to hang with you more often. I'm sorry I missed Leanna and Katrina at Lady Jane's so I am looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. Let the red lights shine on!

  2. Red lights, amorous couples, dark chocolate truffles...very inspiring for us romance writers! And Pussy Galores --- I'm not even going to go there...
    It all sounds enticing and I'm sorry I missed it.
    Great post!

  3. Wallowing in decadence never sounded so good! I could practically TASTE the cocktails!

  4. I'm always looking for readers - maybe we can do an Erotic Romance night next year at In The Flesh. The next Quickies is October 2nd 7:30-8:30 and I need readers - write me at rachelkramerbussel at with "Quickies" in the subject line. Thanks, Fidencia, for all your awesome support!

  5. The red light shines on all those that enter Lady Jane's. Besides it being a charitable organization it is "the place" to become inspired. Definitely the hot spot for all Romance Writers.

  6. Belated but sincere thanks to all our RWA/NYC sistahs who turn out for our monthly romance rendez vous at Lady Jane's Salon. Leanna and Katrina totally rocked the Monday Salon, and as always our beloved venue, Madame X set the tone for a convivial, swank and yes, uber sexy evening.

    Hope Tarr
    Co-Founder, Lady Jane's Salon