Monday, October 26, 2009

The Happiest Couple on the Block

by Jerrica Knight-Catania

Jerrica and her husband, Eric, met on move-in day at Manhattan School of Music more than 12 years ago. They were in the same tiny class, had the same major, and all the same friends, but for some reason it didn’t occur to them that they were meant to be together until almost 4 years later. They’ve been inseparable ever since and have collaborated on more projects than they can count. As they embark on their 30s, they are elated to welcome a new baby into their lives, as well as a new business venture…and who knows what else!

The Happiest Couple on the Block

A couple years ago, as my hubby and I downed beers at our favorite local haunt, we started talking (and taking notes) about what an awesome couple we were. Yes, we were a little tipsy, and the notes only got more and more cryptic as the evening went on. But, in light of our realization, we decided we knew and understood a great deal about love and relationships, and that we had a lot we could share with others.

Fast forward two years and we were still talking about what to do with all this “happy couple” knowledge we had. We had been watching and listening as friends and family members complained about their relationships over the years. We aren’t the type to usually give unsolicited advice, but certainly when we were alone, we shared our thoughts and opinions about why and how these people were so unhappy. And after two years, we had a good amount of notes on a wide array of topics pertaining to marriage and relationships.

Finally, we put our noses to the grindstone and set to work. Our plan was to have the book written and available for purchase online as an e-book by October 9. But once we got into it, there was no stopping us. Two weeks from the initial planning meeting, the book was done (under the pseudonyms Aaron and Jessica Walters), the site was up and we embarked on our marketing blitz.

So, you might be wondering what kinds of things we talk about in the book. I will say, I think it’s quite different from most advice you’ll find on the bookshelves. We aren’t trained marriage counselors, and we don’t use any “therapy lingo”, we simply have observed and learned from our own relationship what it takes to keep the love alive.

We received a note from one of our readers the other day stating, “I like your frank talk and sometimes outright scolding!!... You two seem to have a handle on some real issues that other books would not even mention.” We talk a lot about taking responsibility rather than always casting the blame on your partner, even if the partner’s behavior is truly undesirable. And we address how working on yourself is the first step in affecting change in your relationship. We might be a little in your face, and people might not agree with everything we say, but we do believe in what we teach…and we practice it, too, which is why we consider ourselves THE HAPPIEST COUPLE ON THE BLOCK.

The book is available at our site,, for immediate download. And we also update the blog quite frequently with tips and anecdotes.

BIO: Jerrica Knight-Catania’s A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS will be released next year from Second Wind Publishing. It is the first of her Wetherby Brides series. Visit her at, and visit the happy couple at


  1. Well I beat you Jerrica, I 've been married for almost 14 years now (one kid) together almost sixteen -so I guess that makes us "The Happiest Couple in the City!" :) It's nice to see someone marketing a positive marriage as well as the many benefits being in such a relationsthip can bring. You here the negative so often.

    This is what romance is all about. Hope you find it lucrative.

  2. Meant "hear!"

  3. Thanks, Mari! And congrats on 14 years :)

  4. I love the site Jerrica! And I'm so impressed that you and your husband took your idea and ran with it. Please keep us updated on how it goes!

  5. Who knew, Jerrica? This sounds like a terrific project and, from a "branding"/"platform" standpoint, most assuredly a way to get yourself some amazing coverage as an author of both non-fiction as well as romance - that's my marketing background speaking, but this is truly a great opportunity for you - to reap the rewards of your hard work as a couple. No doubt that insight will further fuel your romances! Great success with PERFECT COUPLE.

  6. You're THE CUTEST! There's such a gorgeous energy about the two of you, it's an inspiring thing to be around, and to see how it's led to such wonderful things (an artistic - and literal - child!) :) Kudos!