Wednesday, December 16, 2009


By Maria Ferrer

In the past few weeks, I have found numerous blogs and websites that give really good writing and business advice to writers. Some are by industry professionals, while others are by writers who want to share their experiences and their know-how.

My plan is to put together a Directory of Blogs and Websites for Writers. I have included the first three entries below for your perusal. I will continue to add to this directory in future blog posts. AND, if You know or hear of any other good blogs or websites for writers, please email them to me at, and I will review them here and add them to the directory.  Thank you for your help. ---mcf

Type: blog
Category: reviews, resource
Author: Barbara Vey of Publishers’ Weekly
Networks: Facebook

This is a chatty blog from Barbara Vey, a Senior Contributing Editor at PW. She talks about her visits with writers groups and authors, and conferences and contests. Two regular features on her blog are the “WW Ladies Book Club Blurb” – in which she highlights an upcoming book --, and the “YA Readers Book Blurb” – in which she highlights an upcoming YA book. She also does author interviews.
Type: Website
Category: resource
Author: Dana Lynn Smith
Networks: Facebook, Twitter

Dana Lynn Smith has a degree in marketing and 15-years of publishing experience. Her website’s tag line is: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Promoting Your Book. This is a very informative website full of tips for the new and the seasoned writer. She sells several book marketing guides like, TWITTER GUIDE FOR AUTHORS and FACEBOOK GUIDE FOR AUTHORS ($12, pdf versions).

Do friend her on Facebook and Twitter, as she gives great tips and links to other marketing and promotional professionals. Recent posts on her website include, “Book Publicity: Five Tips to Writing a Strong Press Release” and “The Golden Rules of Social Networking.”
Type: Blog
Category: resource
Authors: Virna Depaul, Misa Ramirez, Lee Lopez, Tonya Kappes and Susan Hatler
Networks: Twitter

The site’s tag line is: In hot pursuit of Mr. Right. This is a funny, creative and informative site for writers by writers. These enterprising Ladies profile hero and heroines from different books. The site features “hero files” and “hot topics.” Plus, it often features guest authors and bloggers. Writers can become “members” of the site (for free!) to receive their signature Cheat Sheets. There is a sample of one on the website: “Sexy Words to Remember When You’re Writing Your Love Scenes.” These Cheat Sheets are a hoot and very helpful.

Do you know of any blogs or websites that should be included in this directory? Let me know.♥

BIO:     Maria Ferrer has been published in short fiction, but that was years ago. She hopes to add to her writing credits in the New Year. Keep your fingers crossed for her.


  1. A couple of places from our blog... : a list of resources such as Medline, The Graveyard Shift, etc. : a list of links to things like Writer Beware and various writing organizations.

  2. Thank you, Laura. I will add them to the directory. Keep them coming! --maria

  3. Great blog, Maria! Thanks for these great resources!

  4. Maria, we are SO honored that you included Chasing Heroes in your first few blogs for writers! Thank you!!!

  5. WOW Maria!! Thanks so much for the wonderful honor on our site. We do work hard and believe in paying it forward to other writers. Keep rocking!

  6. Hi Maria, thanks for mentioning me on your blog, I'm honored. Just wanted to let you know that I'm not a former editor of PW, I'm still a senior contributing editor. I heart NY and look forward to your future blogs.

  7. Thank you, Maria-this is a great idea! Please don't forget to include Jo Ann Hernandez at for her untiring promotion and services for Latino authors and other under-represented groups.

  8. Great resources, Maria. is one that I like for the various topics of the romance genre.

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