Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Want You!

This is the second time that I post after a dinner out with friends on the train coming home. It was a night for trying new things with friends, and I am thinking to myself that this could be what I blog about, but instead it is going to be a blatant plug for the upcoming February Keynotes. In case you have not gotten the e-mail I sent RWA-NYC wide, I am going to be the editor for the upcoming issue of Keynotes, and it is all about love--love, love and more love! We are Romance Writers of America, and we are living in one of the most romantic cities in the world. People come to New York for honeymoons, and for that matter, to fulfill any romantic notions in their heads. In that vein, I expect that I should be flooded with pitches and real life romances which I know a lot of you have. There--I just brainstormed--give me your real life love stories. Romance is not just a notion swirling in our heads like clouds, and Tina Turner was wrong--love has a lot to do with it. As per my lovely chat with Hope for my last Bits and Pieces, the entire night I who have so much going on in my life--believe me putting Keynotes together is a very multi-layered process--spent a lot of the night like most nights with the girls talking about our love lives or lack thereof. Love makes the world go 'round; the people who pooh pooh that fact are the ones who are afraid of its power. I want this Keynotes dripping with romance: the candy and flowers kind, the kind that holds your hand when you are sick. I want it all, and much like Uncle Sam, I am pointing my finger at you, RWA-NYC. I want you. I want you to make this the best love issue of RWA-NYC ever!

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  1. I don't have a personal love story but I'm sure I can come up with a historical one!