Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Unless you have not been on the chapter loop--or have and have been under a rock--The Chapter is now on Facebook and Twitter.

It has been AMAZING! I'll tell you a story, I am not on Facebook as myself, but it is such a cool thing as the chapter Social Networking Coordinator to do so. The main reason that I joined RWANYC was because I wanted to be around other writers, and to have a network, and to know what was going on. That is definitely a part of this chapter, but extending it to Facebook and Twitter means that members and non- members who are close to the chapter now can be connected to us. It means that even with the people who come to the chapter meetings, I am learning more about their quirks and things about them that are not revealed in there. During the Golden Globes there were so many tweets I did not even need to watch it, I followed with our followers!

Facebook, Twitter and this blog are such amazing portals into exponentializing the RWANYC experience. I am in constant touch with everyone all of the time--I actually just stopped my blog post to post on Facebook and Twitter. Soon enough you will see me post that this post is up!

We are so thankful for all of the friends and followers we have on Facebook and Twitter, but we are greedy! There are a lot of people in this chapter, and all of you should be friends with us-- The Chapter, RWANYC -- and should follow us on Twitter. 
Much like Maria wants every member to do a blog post, I want all of you to friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. What are you waiting for??!!  I will see you there....

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  1. Why not post a link to the facebook and twitter accounts to make it a little easier for folks like me who can't figure it out otherwise? Thanks!