Monday, February 8, 2010


by Jerrica Knight-Catania

As we enter the month of love and romance, I am thrilled to take this opportunity to promote my recent release, A GENTLEMAN NEVER TELLS. As a young girl, and even as a grown woman, romance has been the center of my universe. A life without love and romance, for me, would not be worth living. I remember as a teenager, donning my favorite dress up gown (yes, I still played dress up as a teen...and sometimes, you'll find me playing dress up now!), and then I'd curl up in my comfy chair by the window and dream about my prince charming. When I picked up a Julia Quinn novel a few years ago, I realized that her books were the stuff my dreams had been made of. And that's when I started writing Regency Romance. I believe my debut novel lives up to my dreams, and hopefully it will live up to yours as well! Happy reading and Happy Valentine's Day!

Back Cover Blurb

Benjamin Wetherby, Earl of Glastonbury and heir to the Marquessate of Eastleigh, has just received an urgent letter from home. His father is dying and he must return to England at once. Benjamin is a man bound by honor and duty, to both his country and his family. So, despite his reservations, he leaves his life in New York City behind so he may find a wife and assume his role as the Marquess of Eastleigh.   Miss Phoebe Blake is finally out of mourning for her father, and just in time. She and her mother could be days away from being carted off to debtors’ prison, so Phoebe returns to society with the intent and determination to secure a rich husband.   Sparks fly when Benjamin and Phoebe meet, and it appears they have both found just what they are looking for. But will a dark secret keep them from finding their happily ever after?


Chapter One

Benjamin Wetherby, Earl of Glastonbury and heir to the Marquessate of Eastleigh, stared unblinking at the letter before him. It had been just under eleven months since he arrived in America, and now he was being summoned back to England.

Father is dying, his sister wrote. Dying. Was that even possible? His father had been the picture of health the day he left Ravenscroft Castle, but now less than a year later, he apparently had precious few days left.

As much as Benjamin was loath to return home, to leave the life he’d established in New York, he was duty bound. He could never ignore the position to which he’d been born. Besides, along with the title came great responsibility. Many relied on the marquess for their welfare, including his own family: his mother, his sister, his brothers.

“Lillian, get up,” he called from across the room.

His mistress stirred in the bed. Her blond curls stuck out from under the counterpane. She had been a comfort of sorts to Benjamin over the last few months, and he to her. Brought together by misery, they enjoyed one another’s company. But there was no room for a mistress in Ben’s life anymore. He had a duty to marry now, to find a woman who could serve as his marchioness. A woman reared in society, born and bred to the position as much as he had been.

“Come back to bed, Benny,” Lillian murmured sleepily. “It’s too early.”

“No,” Benjamin said quietly, more to himself than to her. “It might just be too late.”♥

After obtaining a degree in Vocal Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, and years of pursuing a career on the stage, Jerrica Knight-Catania left the “glamorous” life of an actress in favor of writing romance. She continues to reside in the New York City area with her husband, cat and newborn baby. In what little spare time she has, she continues to work on the fourth installment of the Wetherby Brothers’ Novels.


  1. Love the cover Jerrica. And congratulations on your first book!

  2. Congratulations on your first book. The cover is awesome. I wish you all the best!