Monday, April 26, 2010


by Anne Mohr

No, I’m not peddling the newest pocket rabbit! This is about channeling the good stuff and shutting out the bad. We’ve heard time and again about being positive and avoiding negativity or else, oh no, the universe will whack you with a pile of you know what. But, how do you do that exactly? More specifically, how do you stay positive when the proverbial you know what is hitting the fan?

Many have suggested great ways, such as walks, exercising, listening to music, you name it. However, sometimes it’s just not convenient to throw on a feel-good CD, or disappear for a while and go for a quick run, or whatever. Sometimes, you have to stay put and produce, and it’s especially for those times, that I use this method to keep myself plugged into a positive vibe and ward off the negative crap that life can sometimes throw my way.

There are two mantras that I repeat either out loud or sometimes inside my head and they are: “Think happy thoughts, Peter Pan, and you can fly,” and, my all time favorite Scarlet O’Hara line, “I can’t think about this now; I’ll go crazy if I do. I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Depending upon my mood and the severity of the latest blip, I will repeat one or both of the lines however many times it takes to shut out what I am trying to keep from getting under my skin. This enables me to focus on something else, and that something has to be wonderful and has to have the ability to enable me to transcend whatever negative thing has come my way. It sounds hard, and trust me; sometimes it is very difficult to do. But, it works every time. I’m not crazy, really.

Choose any line(s) that will get your attention away from what you don’t want to think about and then repeat it till you are in a frame of mind to think about something spectacular that will make you immediately feel great. Allow that great feeling to sink in, and you’ll see that suddenly you can focus on your writing or doing whatever thing needs to get done.

There are those who believe that shutting out the negative thoughts and focusing only on positive thoughts is the secret to living a great life. I look at it this way:  Even if it doesn’t bring success and riches, you can be sure that you will feel a lot better, happier and even more productive.♥

Anne Mohr has been a member of RWA/NYC since 1993. Having lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey, most of her life, she recently relocated to California, just because. Currently, she is a real estate agent in both California and New Jersey. Many of her colleagues ask her to help write property descriptions, and all of her clients love her emails. She writes as Jacqueline Stewart, Helen St. James and Max St. James, and is published in short fiction (magazines.) She continues her work on “the book.”


  1. Fantastic post, Anne! My husband and I discovered The Secret almost 3 years ago and it's amazing the HUGE changes we saw by just changing our thought process. I agree that it's not enough to just "shut out the negative." You have to replace the negative thoughts with something...and they might as well be positive thoughts, right?? :)
    I love your mantras, especially the Peter Pan one...I might have to borrow it :)

  2. I've got some different mantras depending on how severe the situation is (some do have a pinch of hmor). My Mother always sent me off to school with "Come back with your shield, or on it!" (Strange indeed, you bet). But along those lines, I try to call upon my Scottish clan heritage to gain strength, fortitude and determination. And if that doesn't work, I recall any of my favorite authors who worked day jobs and had other personal responsibilities but who forged ahead, nonetheless. Two favorites? Louisa May Alcott and Anthony Trollope. Good company, at least!

  3. Anne, you are so wise. Positive thoughts can carry us a long way. I remember that old comedian's line from twenty years ago: "Life's a bitch, then you die." It appeared on black buttons, and I thought it was so funny that I purchased one to wear on my lapel. Bad idea. Very bad idea. It really lowered my mood; in fact, I had to unpin it and throw it away. I purchased a pink lapel button that said "Think pink!" What a difference--I felt so much happier and brighter--it put a smile on my mood. Elizabeth Palladino