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RELEASE DAY HONOURS (with an exclusive DARKLY LUMINOUS excerpt and tons of giveaways!)

By Leanna Renee Hieber

In honour of my latest Strangely Beautiful series release, THE DARKLY LUMINOUS FIGHT FOR PERSEPHONE PARKER, when Maria asked if I wanted to do a blog post and an excerpt, what immediately came to mind was: Community. RWANYC has been a fruitful, welcoming and supportive community since I first stepped through the doors in 2007, and so much has changed since then. The “Grand Work” of publishing is a very hard business as we all know, and yet we all struggle through together and extend hands of support and congratulations, and encouragement to keep ‘fighting the good fight’ – when amazing things can happen.

One of my favourite things about the Strangely Beautiful series has been developing a loving community in The Guard that well understand that their Grand Work is filled with strife and pain, but joy and reward too. My series is about finding and holding onto that beloved community at all costs, despite all odds, when amazing things do happen. So in honour of the community that I care so much for in real life, here’s an exclusive excerpt from my tight-knit fictional community that I also adore, The Guard. Blessings and I hope starting April 27th, during release week, you’ll do the Strangely Beautiful series the great service of supporting it in your local bookstores. I also hope to see you May 3rd at Lady Jane’s Salon, where I’ll be reading and celebrating!♥


When pronounced man and wife, Alexi lifted the veil to kiss his bride and she fell against him. Their kiss was of such fusion that they felt the ground tremble. The slight sound of angels grew into a bursting chorus. Rising from the candles and met by an aura of light from their bodies, white flame began to pool, merge and expand into a hazy, egg-like form that grew as their kiss sustained. As it ended, the form burst into a great, bird-shaped sun. The avian form threw open expansive wings, and a wave of heat and deafening music blew through the chapel.

The Guard cried out. A phoenix bathed in light, rising from the indomitable love within two mortal hearts—this was raw, divine power, their purpose and origin made manifest. Marianna and Edward squealed. Mina Wilberforce’s hands went to her face. Alexandra gaped, tears streaming down her cheeks. Many of the attendant ghosts breathed sighs and vanished, at last sent to their rest.

Elijah turned to Marianna, Edward and Mina. He pointed a finger toward each set of eyes. “As beautiful as this is,” he began nonchalantly, “I’m terribly sorry, we’ll have to pretend that never happened.” Their gazes clouded, and only selective memories of a more mundane nature remained.

When Withersby turned his fingers in the direction of Alexandra, Alexi stopped him. “No, Elijah. Let my sister keep this sight.”

Alexandra eyed her brother with deepening wonder. “Thank you,” she murmured desperately.

“Are we married now?” Percy breathed, amazed by the blue-coloured flame wreathing her beloved’s eyes and her own. A thin line of the same traced The Guard’s hearts, each to the other, a cord of light binding them fast.

“By the gods themselves, it would seem,” Alexi replied.

The couple walked down the aisle, arm in arm, unable to take their eyes from each other. Jane broke into a jig, and the assembled company bounced out of the chapel, Rebecca taking care to wheel Alexandra to safety as everyone embraced. Jane was lost to her music, a new spirit floating behind her. Aodhan’s hard, deeply masculine features wore affection, and his ghostly hand hovered just above her shoulder. Beside him floated Beatrice Tipton.

Beatrice’s expression was almost threatening. Her voice was kinder. “Go on, my lady,” she said to Percy. “Enjoy what you’ve worked so very long to attain. Enjoy your mortal love and a bit of celebration. There’s time soon enough for the rest. But please take care. Remember all I’ve said.”

Percy swallowed and nodded. She turned to behold Alexi, who was ignorant of all but her. She delighted in his thirsty gaze before turning back to find Beatrice and Aodhan gone.

Michael, unable to contain his overflowing heart, swept Rebecca into a jig. She at first refused, but it was impossible to deny his joy for long and so she acquiesced with a chuckling sigh. It was Josephine’s giggle that alerted them all to the host of gawking professors and students eyeing first their dancing headmistress and second their most mysterious, brooding professor, clearly wedded to and infatuated with their strangest student. Rebecca simply laughed; there was nothing else to be done. Jane continued to play beside Alexandra, who from her wheelchair watched as if the world had been made far more beautiful.

Alexi kissed Percy’s hands and moved to kneel at his sister’s side. “There is an ancient magic within us, Alexandra. I’ve never wished to keep secrets from you—”

She placed her hand on Alexi’s shoulder and shook her head. “Thank you for what you allowed me to see.” Alexandra beamed as Percy knelt at her feet in rustling pool of blue satin. “You look incredible. The both of you…Alexi, what on earth made you finally allow someone close?”

Alexi tucked Percy’s arm in his. “There was no way around this woman’s radiance.”

A huge smile approached, a white crescent against brown skin, and Percy jumped up to welcome Mina. Taking Percy’s ivory hand in a far darker one, she murmured: “Congratulations, Mrs. Rychman. I never doubted your husband’s mind. What I doubted was that he could ever smile. How dear it is that you’re the one to unearth such a miracle. Come find me after your honeymoon, I’ll give you presents—books!”

Alexi bowed his head. “Hello, Miss Wilberforce, thank you for being a part of this special day.”

“No—thank you, Professor, for proving love presses past barriers.” The librarian lifted Percy’s hand in hers, showcasing the contrast that had brought them together, triumphant.

“I’m so glad to share this with you, Mina. It’s been quite a quarter,” Percy whispered.

“I should say.”

(End of Excerpt)

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  1. Happy release week and congrats Leanna!

  2. I am happy to say that I am the proud new owner of a copy of THE DARKLY LUMINOUS FIGHT FOR PERSEPHONE PARKER. Can't wait for the musical! Congrats, Leanna!!

  3. Well, I finally stopped standing in the stacks at B&N reading Strangely Beautiful--I bought the book tonight. I purchased Darkly Luminous, too. I told the checkout girl--Loudly! So the line behind me could hear--that the books are being made into a musical. Everybody's ears pricked up. Congratulations, Leanna Renee. Elizabeth Palladino