Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A lot of us do it, I am doing it right now...
In the blogosphere, one can assume so many identities, it is like being Wonder Woman. Spinning in circles and becoming one voice, and then another. Our chapter blog has seen many variations of me: the erotica aficionado, poet, interviewer and easily distracted writer.

Today I am posting my first post at The Four Horsewomen of Metropolis, and I am pretty excited because the thing is, I do not change who I am or how I write, but I am not the same. Come see for yourself. That is the thing about writing, as with any art. Writing to me is so much like acting--I used to want to be an actress when I was younger, and honestly I think writing was my lazy way of doing it. Hours have been spent researching or trying to understand the essence of a thing that I was going to write about, when in the end all of my stories are the same. There is a love story in everything that I write, because to me love is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, that takes me out of the door, walks me down the street, brings me back to bed, and makes me want to get up again.

It is why I am a member of RWANYC. No matter where I go or what I write, I am telling another love story. I am on my MacBook right now writing this post, having just finished watching The Apartment and wondering how I am able to watch the movie out of the corner of my eye and read the subtitles while working on this piece. Then again, I am not an easily distracted writer for nothing!

Another reason why it is so good to moonblog, like with anything that you love, you sometimes need a moment or more away from it; To not be what you are, to be something else. All writers, no matter how varied they believe they are, have the same themes in all of their pieces, because it is the same person no matter how many different names they put on it. That is the thing about being a member of RWANYC, the sense of camaraderie. We all write love stories we just package it differently. And with multiple blogs, you might present an image like a gibbous moon and on another a crescent, but it is still you. Just a different phase of you.

You can visit me if you like at my other post today, and tell me (on either blog) if I seem the same, or distinctly different....


  1. Fidencia - what a wonderful parallel about the phases of the moon - I love it! Another wonderfully contemplative post by a philosophical and provocative lady.

    Now, I'm off to "moonblog" on one of the many phases of me!

  2. "We all write love stories, we just package it differently."

    Fidencia, that is so true and perfect it just stopped me in my tracks. It's so easy to get caught up in subgenres and sub-subgenres and writing out of genre and traditional pub and e-pub and pre-pub, but at the end the day we all write love stories. Period. And that is just the coolest thing in the world to do, my friends.

    Happy moonblogging!

  3. That is indeed a feat -- watching a movie, reading subtitles and writing at the same time! I'm impressed. I've never been much of a multitasker myself (which is probably why I get so little done....). Yes, I hear your unique voice in both pieces -- this one and the one today at
    But what exactly is moonblogging?
    Great post and well said!