Monday, July 19, 2010


By Anne Elizabeth

PULSE OF POWER began in 1981. Originally, it was a project for my high school English class, but I was so intrigued with my new paranormal world that I expanded it – wrote on it – for many years to come.

The question I posed to future readers and myself was – what if all of your dreams came true? What would you do? How would you handle it? Would it change the basic fabric of who you are? And, could and/or would you step up to the challenge that it might hold? I tackled these answers with my character Tia Stanton. In doing so, I created a brand new superhero that was very human in her thoughts and super-human in her strength and abilities.

Here’s a blurb:

A graduate of The Academy, an exclusive school for girls, Tia DeVere Stanton learned early that proper Greenwich young ladies don’t curse. But knowing a curse or two would certainly come in handy, since Tia spends her days as a stock girl at Vivant, the sentient supernatural store in New York City, and moonlights as a monster-hunting vigilante in her hometown. But now Tia’s jobs – and her life – are about to get a lot more complicated. All of a sudden, she has strange new powers. The dangerously seductive stranger who keeps invading her dreams has just walked into her life. And a powerful enemy is about to strike her in the most unexpected and vulnerable of places… Her heart.

The story is based in my hometown of Greenwich, CT and in the New York City area.

I am a longtime fan of comic books and graphic novels. Some of my favorites include ARCHIE, WONDER WOMAN, SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN, and THE HULK. As a child, the visual medium was a way to experience the comprehensiveness of story in an easy-to-digest manner. Yes, novels and anthologies are treasured tomes on my shelf, but having begun the reading path with dyslexia comics gave me a new avenue to understand the make-up of a story. It presented the details in a new light. For this fact alone, even as an adult, visual mediums will always have a special place in my heart, and it is another reason that I am so excited for the release of PULSE.

Dynamite Entertainment and Dabel Brothers LLC are the publishers of PULSE OF POWER. This is the first book of an eight-book series. PULSE OF POWER is a full length graphic novel and will release in July/August, and you can find additional information at or on at Remember Tia’s mantra: Destiny is a choice. Power up!

For more information on news about the graphic fiction industry and for insights into the authors, artists, and creators, as well as the hottest comics, manga, and graphic novels, catch my monthly column in Romantic Times' BOOKreviews magazine.♥

WHAT IS NEXT ON HER AGENDA? I’m gearing up for the San Diego Comic Con. It’s going to be a wild ride this year! I will be signing at Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Booth – Mighty Barnacle. Sherry is FAN-TAS-TIC!!! So, for those fans in the area, please come visit. There’s a lot to do to prepare for the event: set up displays, put aside books and promos for each day, polish my stiletto boots, find the box marked “sharpie”... The list is E-normous!
            Also, I will be visiting with several of the reps from companies such as VIZ, Marvel, DC Comics, and BOOM! I’ll be gathering the hottest news on new titles, authors, creators, and artists for my column in RT BOOKreviews. See you there! HOOYAH!   Oh...and if you’re not going, please catch me at RWA National and ask me who I chatted with. Last year I saw Nathan Fillion and had marvelous discussions with Adam Baldwin and Seth Green.

Anne Elizabeth is a romance author and the Columnist for RT BOOK Reviews Magazine covering the topic of comics, manga, and graphic novels each month. This former marketing consultant, with a BS in Business and MS in Communications from Boston University, has published multicultural and romantic fiction with Atria/Simon & Schuster and Highland Press. AE grew up in Greenwich, CT, and currently lives in the mountains above San Diego with her husband, a retired Navy SEAL. He was the inspiration for an anthology line that is published several times a year and contributes to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF). As the originator of the SOWF short story project, she follows a mission statement of 1) creating awareness for the SOWF; 2) supporting the troops; 3) celebrating the field of romance; and 4) debuting an aspiring author in each collection. Her graphic novel, PULSE OF POWER, releases through Dynamite Entertainment in August 2010. In her free time, AE is also a serious Amelia Earhart who is always on the hunt for a new adventure. Most recently, she jumped from an airplane and flew a glider. Her motto is “Live boldly.” For more details check out and


  1. I loved the Archie and the Super Man comics growing up. And during a trip to Tokyo I discovered Manga. I am intrigued by the whole visual medium.

    Anne-- looking forward to reading PULSE OF POWER. Have fun in San Diego!

  2. PULSE OF POWER looks great! I can't wait to check it out.

  3. Thank you for sharing your favorite books and your comments! :) I adore this medium! Please let me know what you think about PULSE! I look forward to hearing your comments. Hooyah!