Monday, July 12, 2010

THE TUTOR (and Book Giveaway!)

By Hope Tarr

What would you do if you knew you had seven sexy days and nights in your very near future? We’re talking passion so scalding, so unbridled, and so primal that most mortals never know the like.

The catch: those same seven sexy days and nights are most likely going to have to last you the rest of your life. Oh, and you’re not quite twenty-one which means “the rest of your life” promises to be a very, very long time.

Lady Bea Lindsey confronts that very scenario in THE TUTOR, my Victorian-set romance published with Harlequin’s super sexy Blaze line. At the opening of THE TUTOR, Bea has gotten herself engaged to a very nice, very dull gentleman.

Conventional wisdom counsels that a young woman on the cusp of twenty-one, in this case a young woman of noble birth, purse-poor dowry, and an impulsive nature, dare we say “wild streak” should settle down safely and quickly. But conventional wisdom is not always…wise. And Bea is very much a modern girl—modern in the context of the 1890’s. She may be willing to settle for a dry-as-toast husband at the dining table but when it comes to the boudoir, she is going to need a little jam.

Only a disastrous dry run of the wedding night (pun intended) has demonstrated that if she wants any pleasure in her marriage bed, she’ll have to take the lead. But first she needs to be taught. And who better to take on the role of tutor than the oh-so-sexy Ralph Sylvester, a former East London street rogue and her brother-in-law’s private secretary?

Never did Ralph imagine that the woman of his dreams, a lady born, would proposition him and on the very night her engagement to another gentleman is announced! But when Bea shows up at Ralph’s bedchamber door after midnight wearing a red velvet cape and nothing beneath, he knows she means business. Armed with a contraband copy of The Kama Sutra and nine months’ of shored up lust, he sets about tutoring her in the loving arts. It’s every man’s fantasy, until the pupil surpasses the teacher.

I hope you have fun with THE TUTOR because I certainly enjoyed writing it. I also hope you’ll take two ticks and post your reply here. I’ll be giving away one signed copy of UNTAMED at the day’s end. A simple “hello” will suffice but if you’re inclined to more…

What is the worst (i.e., suckiest) romantic advice you’ve ever received?♥

Hope Tarr is the award-winning author of thirteen historical and contemporary romance novels including THE TUTOR. MY LORD JACK and A ROGUE’S PLEASURE, originally published by Berkley, release digitally with Carina Press on July 12th and August 16th, respectively. “Tomorrow’s Destiny,” her first novella, will appear in a single-title Christmas anthology, A HARLEQUIN CHRISTMAS CAROL, with Jacquie D’Alessandro and Betina Krahn this November 10, 2010. Hope will read THE TUTOR (on July 5th) and TOMORROW’S DESTINY (on December 6th) at Lady Jane’s Salon, which she co-founded. Visit her online at where you can read her blog and enter her regular contest.

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  1. Love your work Hope and can't wait to read this one! And I'll looking forward to your August releases:)

  2. Congrats on your release! And if you want some good advice (rather than bad) on your love life, I jusr read "Jane Austen's Guide to Dating" (by Lauren Henderson) and it's full of sensible suggestions!

  3. Thanks so much, Sarah. Actually MY LOR JACK released with Carina today, so I'm pulling double duty, so to speak.

  4. Hi Alison. Jane Austen's Guide to Dating sounds delicious. I'll have to check it out.

  5. Looking forward to reading THE TUTOR at the beach!!

  6. Thanks, Jeanine! I hope you enjoy--both za book and za beach.

  7. I could go for scalding -- considering the weather. Trust Me: the suckiest advice I've ever gotten. Be grateful: the best. Stay cool, Hope.

  8. Great post and question!

    I can attest that The Tutor is a great premise and a lovely (and hot) book!

    The worst advice I received was during college, from men in my life who I realized in retrospect wanted something from me. :)

    Don't enter me in the giveaway because I happily already own a copy of The Tutor!

  9. Yum, yum, a modern girl of the 1890s deserves a little jam!

    Think the worst love advice that you can get is when anyone tries to dictate to you instead of letting you listen to your heart.

  10. I too have read Jane Austen's Guide to Dating. Hope if you want to borrow my copy you are welcome to do so! I too have a copy of The Tutor so need to enter me in the giveaway.

    As for worst romantic advice, probably the one about eating a meal before you go out on a date, so that you can pick daintily at your food, instead of eating like a normal human being.

  11. Thanks for the great comments. And Elizabeth you're right, that's *terrible* advice. If someone is enough of a gentleman to invite us out to dinner, we should reciprocate by enjoying it. I am proud member of The Clean Plate Club and mean to stay so. :)

  12. And the winner is...

    Fidencia S! Fidencia wins no, not THE TUTOR--you got's to buy that one at the chapter Book Fair next month--but UNTAMED, the finale to my Men of Roxbury House trilogy and the prequel to THE TUTOR.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I am! :)