Monday, August 2, 2010


By Karen Cino

Procrastination. One of my favorite words. Something I do on a daily basis. That’s why I decided this month to share one of my days with you.

I sit behind my laptop every day and try my best to muster up an idea that will be earth shattering, one that every editor in the industry will fight over. Oh yeah. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Out comes my index cards and my special pen. Oh yes, the pen that I only write those great ideas with. The one I have used for the past five years, full of ink, and drying out from lack of use. Now you ask my why, when around me I have nothing but positive things to inspire me.

It’s eleven o’clock. Just as I’m about to embark on my blockbuster plot, my baby Olli Baba, comes strolling by. He sits down on the keyboard, offering to add assistance to my idea. He’s so cute. Isn’t he? My first distraction of the day. I try to read his mind and conclude that he’s looking to be brushed and for a fresh bowl of water with some ice chips in it. It is summer…it’s hot and he’s entitled to an ice cold bowl of water. Down the stairs I go.

I get Olli his bowl of water and remember that I never took the clothes out of the dryer. Down the stairs I go to the den to get the clothes. Just as I am about to take them out of the dryer, I remember that I never watered the plants in the yard. So outside I go. This deed, I get to finish in full because I am getting hungry. I return to the den, take out the clothes and make my way back up the stairs to the kitchen. Lunch time. So I make a quick salad, or so I think it’s quick. I slice the vegetables, add the olives, artichokes, red roasting peppers. Oops. Now I have a bag full of cans on my counter. So it’s back down the stairs and out to the recycling pail. Just as I’m about to walk back into the house, I see my neighbor. Perfect. I haven’t seen her in days. I walk to her stoop where’s I sit down and start gabbing.

I return back to my house, sit down to eat my salad, and I’m on my way back up to my desk when the phone rings. Okay, not a problem. While I talk on the phone I will clean the bathroom and straighten out one closet. After completing that set of chores I make my way up the stairs. Before I start anything, I put the clothes away; straighten up the kids room, again. My daily chore. Mission complete. Time to go back to my writing.

I sit behind my desk, just about ready to start writing when my kids ask me what we are having for dinner. Dinner? Oh yeah. I looked at the clock and sure enough it was almost five-thirty. Damn, where did the time go? I didn’t do anything. Can you imagine if I had a full time job? I would never find any time to write.

There you go. A day in the life of an author -- me. Now of course this doesn’t happen on a daily basis….well most days. But I made a pact with myself that going forward I will take time out for myself where there are no distractions. Remember, I have that great idea that needs to get down on paper.♥

Karen Cino is the President of the RWA New York City Chapter. She writes women's fiction. Currently she is looking for a home for her completed novel ROSES and finishing revisions on MYSTICAL WONDERS.


  1. Very cute and totally true blog post. It sounds like me from time to time. Hmm...I think I hear the strawberries in the fridge calling me away from the laptop. Karen K.

  2. My day often gets away from me. Life offers to many distractions so we have to force ourselves to put butt to chair even if all we do is sit and stare at the blank screen.

    What is that saying about success is showing up?

    PS. Love the cats!