Thursday, October 28, 2010


It was funny for my last post people thought that I was fasting from food! Fasting from writing is like fasting from food for me. Of course now because I am not writing, I always want to write and have the desire to write! But I do not and it is hard, but I know that when I can write again it will be a feast of mind and body--that every sense will be utilized.

In the time that I have not been writing, I received a rejection for a short story that I was told was read with "great interest," by the editor, and I have begun reading one of my previous NaNo novels I completed. I have never edited any of the NaNo novels so they are all just gathering dust, as much as they can in the files on my MacBook. T

he one that I finished in 2008, I honestly did not even remember the name of the protagonist! It reads pretty well nonetheless and I can see myself working on the editing. I am really thinking about doing what is necessary to become a RWA-PRO.   I was writing short stories and thinking that I needed to start somewhere, but I have four 50,000 word novels under my belt, and the PRO requirement is only 40,000.

That is the purpose of NaNoWriMo, for people who always say that they want to write a novel but they never sit down and do it. I have done it four times--I am a PRO! It is my mission to really be serious about my writing. It is the way that I express myself. I am a storyteller, in the way I talk and the way I write.

I am a romantic, everything about me is romantic down to my clothes with lace and ruffles. RWA-PRO is basically what I am as soon as I apply myself...

...right after NaNo though! I have one more week of fasting, a fifth NaNo title to get and then I am going to be a PRO!

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  1. I hope you can hear me applauding, Fidencia! I look forward to hearing that your "fasting" technique left you sprinting from the gate on 11/1 and that your efforts on this 5th NaNo novel will surpass all that have gone before.

    PRO is just one submission away!

    Write like the wind!