Friday, November 19, 2010


by Maureen Osborne

Why?  Because my Dad thinks that the only good stories were those performed by John Wayne and Robert Mitchum. My Dad to his regret was born too late to have been a cowboy, yet old enough to have participated in World War II. My brother and I were raised on a movie diet of “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” and “The Enemy Below”.

When Liberty Valance rode to town, the women folk would hide.  Sorry.

As a child, I recall my mother reading books that she propped against the window while washing dishes. Even then it would have been a mystery. Like the mystery of the caked on food on the dishes at every meal. Today, P.D. James propelling Detective Dalgliesh through a murder investigation or the psychological thrillers of Ruth Rendell keep her company in her retirement. Fortunately the dishes are cleaner.

My brother, on the other hand, does not read, unless you consider his perusal of Home Depot flyers reading. He is a manly man, no romance for him, unless your view of a leaking faucet is romantic.

My predominantly female cousins are nurses, educators and public servants. Their reading is more cerebral. They are strong no nonsense women. The kind of women who raised their children alone and will tell you in a heartbeat to leave that loser if he don’t treat you right.

So I will keep my romance writing to myself. And when I am published, I know they will a whoop and a holler, because after all, that’s my family.♥

Maureen continues to keep her writing a secret as hums movie western theme songs.

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  1. Apparantly your dad and my dad are/were cut from the same cloth. Only mine was John Wayne and James Bond (Sean Connery of course). And I didn't tell anyone what I was doing until after I finished my first novel. So I was a little ahead of you, but not by much. Now days, my family turns books around, orders them when they're not in stock, and generally promotes me pretty much everywhere. As you said, after all, they're my family!