Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Writing Goals

It isn’t too early to start thinking about your 2011 writing goals. It seems like I blink my eyes and another month has flown by. So instead of working on my writing, I decided to get a head start on figuring out my future goals. Here are my New Year's Resolutions: 1. Write every day. I’m going to set my goal of two pages a day on “Twilight Love”, my current work in progress. 2. Journal. I will also continue to keep my journal in which I write an entry every night. It is a great way to unwind before bed and to pile up all my thoughts and ideas for a future project. 3. Revisions. I have two manuscripts that need to be revised with the new fountain of information that I have gathered the past few years, being a member of the chapter and from the various workshops at conferences. 4. Walking. I will continue to walk every day to clear my mind and work out those plot challenges and revision problems I stumble upon every time I work on my writing. 5. Organizing. Now that’s a big one. I have to try my best to keep my writing confined to one section in my bedroom/office and not have it sprawled on my desk, credenza, dresser, nightstands and buckets on the floor. 6. Procrastination. I will stop procrastinating. I will send out my query letters and not fear rejection. (Come on I know you all feel the same way. I plan on overcoming my fears.) Leave it to me to post all my secret goals. But I know that my goals are similar to everyone else’s. We all do the same thing. When I choose cleaning my closet and cooking over working on revisions, then I know it’s time to get help and support from my fellow writers. We are all guilty. Sure, life gets in the way, but hell, there has to be at least an half hour a day of down time; be it staying up an hour later or setting the clock an hour earlier. It is my goal to accomplish the unthinkable this year and to fulfill all my dreams with a little help from my RWA friends. Happy Holiday. I wish everyone and their family and friends a happy and healthy holiday season full of love and happiness. Karen Karen Cino is President of the RWA New York City Chapter. She keeps her muse alive by walking every morning down at the South Beach Boardwalk in Staten Island. Currently, she is shopping for a home for her novels, ROSES and MYSTICAL WONDERS and is working on her next novel.


  1. Happy Holidays and best wishes to you too. My favorite line in your post is OVERCOMING FEAR! I'm ALL for that.

  2. Definitely some items that mirror my own (growing) list of resolutions for 2011. Most importantly on mine, however, is to improve on the successes I had in 2010. To push myself even harder, having seen what I was capable of. And yes, taking the bull by the horns and plunging into the submission arena, with my emotional Kevlar in place. Here's to organization, motivation, and muses who don't go on vacation. Good luck with all your plans, submissions, editing, writing and yes, cleaning!

  3. Those 2011 goals sound like mine too. Happy Holidays to everyone.