Thursday, January 13, 2011


by RWANYC Social Networking Coordinator
F. Solomon

...turns 1 today! I have had the extreme pleasure of being the Social Networking Coordinator for one year now, and it has been a delight. As you know my mantra over the chapter loop and in general is that it is all about community, and it really is.

Despite all of the Oscar buzz, I did not see "The Social Network," but I live it every day on Twitter and Facebook. From those who are clueless to what the two social networks do, to those who are savvier than me, I learn so much being on the sites. I personally joined RWANYC because I wanted a network of people who were interested in the same things as me-- writing like me, romance like me and it was even nicer that the group was local so New Yorkers like me.

Tweets and posts, followers and friends alike from all over the world have provided me and us as a chapter with an even broader stage than I could ever have imagined--bigger than New York City. Romance is universal, in all of its genres and forms, whether it be a great new book that has been published or a comment that someone is thinking about love, it is everywhere. It is a world that I love to dwell in, a world that I am happy to contribute to and to give all of you every day. The things that I find out about my chapter mates on Facebook and Twitter, who I have not seen in maybe awhile, or just fun quirky things bring a smile to my face.

In our next year, I want to have even more tweets and posts than I had this year. It is all about what you give me and what you want me to put out there. I dare say the NYC Chapter is one of the most amazing, between our stars and rising stars, I almost cannot keep up! I want you to force me to work even harder. Tell me everything that is going on, all your joys and sorrows, whatever clever romantic stories, news articles or quotes you acquire. Your side endeavors, tell me so I can put it out there. The idea is to be social and to strengthen the Romance Community -- it deserves it.

I am closing my eyes and making a wish:

Happy Birthday, RWANYC-Twitter  (  and  RWANYC-Facebook  (

(If you haven't already done so, Friend RWANYC on Facebook and Follow RWANYC on Twitter.)


  1. Thank you Fidencia for the awesome job you have done this past year!


  2. The value of the on-line community and social networking - especially for the author - is invaulable. You, F, and our erstwhile Blog Editor, Maria Ferrer, have enabled our Chapter to enhance its presence, promote its members, and share our energy and enthusiasm for all that is Romance. Thank you for all your efforts, your vigilance at the keyboard and to Maria, as well, for the stellar line-up of bloggers and posts, and the promotion of same. I can only imagine your memories, as a Charter Member, Madam Founding Mother, of how this group has grown and evolved. Did you EVER think it would be like this? Congrats ladies for a magnificent - dare I say unparalleled? - contribution to our Chapter!

  3. THANK YOU for so beautifully boosting our presence and value in the social community, Fidencia - you're such a gift to this chapter and you've done such an awesome job with both FB and Twitter - We've all benefited from it and you've done a great job both supporting the members and calling our attention to important publishing and media trends!

    For those looking for more great info on the publishing "game" - I also recommend following Lise Horton's awesome blog of that very name.

    Thanks again, Fidencia - Happy Social Birthday!

  4. I clicked Friend Request on Face Book. I use my pen name on there, by the way.