Monday, January 31, 2011


By Karen Cino

Love can show up in some of the most peculiar places,
when you least expect it.

Sometimes it’s right there in front of you
with obstacles standing in its way.
That night, when you appeared in front of me
I knew what needed to be done.
It took many days to open up
be willing to take that chance, letting you into my life,
never realizing it would be life changing.

As our relationship grows, so do my feelings.
The walls I had up, start to slowly deteriorate.
Feelings I thought had died come back to life.
My passion ignites, my heart radiates.
Love takes over my life.

Some days love comes easy,
others you have to work hard at it.
Being with you is the easy part,
the part I love the best.
Since you’ve been a part of my life,
I have come alive, my life is full of love and happiness.

I never thought I’d fall in love again.
I thought my life was over and then came you.
We are good for each other
balancing our lives together as one.

You make me happy and I know you feel the same.
We’ve become best friends and lovers.
Even though we have differences,
we are loyal and dedicated to one another.

In the past I let loneliness take over my life
secluding me from the rest of the world.
Now I feel peace and love
and will do everything in my power to keep it intact.

No one can predict the future or know where things will go.
But having you by my side I know that love will always be a part of my life. ♥

Karen Cino is President of the RWA New York City Chapter. She keeps her muse alive by walking every morning down at the South Beach Boardwalk in Staten Island. Currently, she is shopping for a home for her novels, ROSES and MYSTICAL WONDERS and is working on her next novel.

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  1. A lovely summary of the journey lovers take and the reward that awaits those willing to be patient. Vive l'amour!