Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baker, Baker

by F. Solomon

Music is an intimate thing; the selection of songs that you listen to touch you in a way that is particular to just you. Music has always had a correlation to me with writing because I am a writer so I identify with the lyrics, until recently...

My favorite drummer Ginger Baker (pictured), whose drums go through me like Jimi Hendrix's guitar, the same primal quality in his drums. He was inspired by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, earlier drummer pioneers of the swing era. Baker was playing drums most famously with the band Cream, who people identify with Eric Clapton and his guitar. Guitars have always been given a stage. I remember being in college and having a huge crush on a guy who played the guitar. But the drums are what get me, especially if played the way they are by Ginger Baker, who was a heavy heroin addict and not expected to make it out of the 60s alive but as he put it himself, true talent will shine through. So many artists have had issues with drugs, and certainly in this era with psychedelic rock was not the exception.  Baker is simply a genius and gifted with the drums. Listen to the last 25 seconds of Cream's "White Room" and if it does not go through you like it goes through me....
So what does Ginger Baker have to do with writing? What does this post have to do with writing?! When I am not doing a Bits and Pieces, I write a post about an observation or experience that I have had.  It is sometimes hard to get the sap-- to come up with something. In the draft for this post I wrote the second paragraph that is now the first paragraph and it flowed like lava. It was so easy and effortless to write about Ginger and his drums and discovering Gene Krupa.

It was effortless and reminded me that it is best to write from your heart. There is never a need to be too ambitious. In high school, we were encouraged to create characters that we could connect to; To write about what we knew. I know that I have not loved instrumentals my entire life, but now I am happy to listen to the drum solo "Toad" on Cream's Fresh Cream album, because there is nothing in the world like the primal beat of Ginger Baker and his drum kit. I pause when I hear that especially good drum solo of his, to take it in, like a mini homage. I have never heard drums like he plays them, and I could argue why he is not considered the number one drummer in rock and go on and on...I like that I am this passionate about it, that I wrote about it.

Listen to the last 25 seconds of White Room.

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  1. You are so right Fidencia. Simple and true advice we writers sometimes forget