Monday, February 28, 2011


by C.H. Admirand

TYLER: Hell, CH, I should be back at the ranch, riding the range, looking for the strays that wandered through the break in the fence. It’s honest work that I know how to do. My grandfather taught the three of us the way to keep the ranch going, wasn’t his fault that times got tough right before he died. We’ve been struggling ever since.

CH: I know, Tyler, but I think it’s admirable that you’re willing to take on a night job to help pay the mortgage and feed bill. Emily and Jolene really need your help at the Lucky Star.

TYLER: Hell’s fire, I thought I’d be stocking shelves and hauling kegs for the little redheads. I did not know that I’d be stripping down to the skimpiest pair of black spandex briefs I’ve ever seen. Who the hell wears black underwear anyway? A man’s entitled to wear cotton briefs, boxers, or go cowboy if he wants to.

CH: You’re absolutely right, Tyler. I’m sorry that it’s so hard on you. I’m in a similar situation myself with my job. After all these years, I’m nearly obsolete. I guess you might feel that way about what you do, too.

TYLER: I’m good with my hands. I can rope, ride, and roundup steer. I’ve repaired the roof of our barn so many times, I can do it blindfolded. I’m a fair hand at plumbing, but I never figured I’d have to stand up on a stage in front of all those women waving their money at me…and why the hell do they have to stuff their bills in my briefs?

CH: You’ve spent your life working the Circle G. It’s hard to explain what your typical day is like, isn’t it?

TYLER: I work from sunup to just past sundown, seven days a week…but sometimes, especially during the Spring when the steer start delivering bull calves and heifers, my brothers and I work 24/7. If we’re not tending to the stock, then we’re taking care of our Quarter Horses—best horse for cutting steer from the herd, and working the ranch.

CH: You really love the work, don’t you?

TYLER: Yes ma’am. Um…why didn’t you give me a chance to work at a regular bar?

CH: I wanted to showcase your commitment to do whatever it takes to save the Circle G ranch. I wanted readers to fall in love with you as much as Emily has, for doing what you had to even thought it goes against your grain and had you lying to your brothers to save the family’s name and reputation in Pleasure, Texas.

TYLER: Well, then I guess if you had to…but couldn’t you have come up with another job for me?

CH: You wouldn’t have been desperate, besides don’t you enjoy the female adoration? Every pair of eyes in the Lucky Star is glued on you and your broad shoulders, abs-to-die-for and damn-you-to-hell-and-back dark eyes.

TYLER: It’s not quite like I imagined it would be. The place smells like warm rain…what’s up with that? A bar should smell like beer on tap and peanuts, maybe sawdust and a hint of sweat. Hell, CH, I’d rather be mucking out stalls at the barn.

CH: Cheer up, Tyler, you’ve made a difference at the Circle G and at the Lucky Star…besides if you hadn’t answered the ad for a hardworking man with a strong back and even temperament, you never would have had the chance to meet Emily Langley.

TYLER: Well now, since you put it that way. I’m beholdin’ to you. That little lady surely sets my heart—and a few other body parts—on fire. I knew I’d have to stick around at the Lucky Star, if only to get to know her better. She’s the best part of this damned job.

CH: I know…she’s perfect for you.

TYLER: Thanks, CH. I’ve gotta get back to the Circle G.

CH: Thanks for stopping by to chat, Tyler!♥

TYLER is C.H.’s 10th book and her debut in mass market paperback. TYLER releases March 1, 2011 from Sourcebooks. To read an excerpt, stop by her website at


  1. Tyler sounds like one heck of a guy. Congratulations to you both on your release!

  2. I love me a hot cowboy. "Strong back, even temperment".... I'll have to use that on my next online dating ad. hahaha

    Congrats to C.H. and Tyler. (Way to go, Emily!)

  3. CH's debut and Tyler's debut...sounds like a triple beer kind of event.


  4. Thanks, Anita! I have a soft spot for Tyler. ;)

  5. I totally agree, Maria! There's just something about a hot cowboy in a pair of beat up jeans, battered boots and a Stetson.

    Feel free to use that line...oh...and let me know how it works. ;)

    Thanks, Maria!

  6. Hey John, I really love "the triple beer kind of event" and may have to borrow it. Btw, IMHO, there's nothing like a long-necked bottle of beer on a really hot day. Thanks!

  7. Congratulations to John! Tonight's winner of the signed copy of TYLER. Please email me with your info at