Monday, February 21, 2011


by Jean C. Joachim

Did you ever wonder what your life would be like today if you could step back into your past? What about the one you left behind…or the one who got away? I have wondered where would I be today, if…?

What would happen if you reconnected with someone you had a huge crush on as a child? Those themes are what drove the creation of SUNNY DAYS, MOONLIT NIGHTS, my new “sweet” contemporary romance just published by new ebook publisher, Astraea Press. (

“What if??” is a catalyst I use to invent a story like this one: Caroline Davis White, a famous artist, runs away from her philandering husband back to the summer cabin community in a tiny town in the Catskills. There she reconnects with old friends. Mike Foster, her childhood crush, made more money than he dreamed possible, but with every woman he meets, Mike wonders if they find his wallet more attractive than his good looks.

Would you like to travel into your past to revisit a former love? I think about that every once in a while. How would my life be different if I had married this one or that one instead of my husband? What would my kids be like? It's the stuff of daydreams. I find saying to myself "what if" about almost any situation gets me thinking and either a mystery or a romance story pops into my head. It makes a great writing prompt. So what if you had married the high school football hunk? Where would you be today? What if you actually got that fabulous first job that you missed out on, where would you be today? What if Matt Damon had starred with Angeline Jolie in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" instead of Brad Pitt? If you're blocked, try "what if".♥

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Jean Joachim didn't start writing until 15 years ago. She started out writing articles and sold her first non-fiction book to St. Martin’s Press, BEYOND THE BAKE SALE, THE ULTIMATE SCHOOL FUND-RAISING BOOK. Jean has now turned to fiction. Her first book, NOW AND FOREVER, A LOVE STORY, is available now. She is working on a sequel, NOW AND FOREVER AGAIN, THE BOOK OF DANNY. Visit her at

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  1. When a writer asks the "what if question," it can really get the creative wheels turning again. This is a great reminder. Thanks!