Tuesday, April 12, 2011


by F. Solomon So after doing NaNo, and having done Script Frenzy in its inaugural year, I was pretty certain that I would be able to get it done. One hundred pages seemed like so much less of a challenge. I was not even going to do it, but on April Fool's Day, I decided to take the plunge. I have written two pages, and I feel at times like giving up because I was not going to do it and I have been busy and because quitting is the easy thing to do. But I also realize that it is not over. I have always finished NaNo at a time when I thought I could not possibly get it done, but somehow I wrote an obscene number of words in a short period of time. I am that type of procrastinator; I will wait until there seems to be hardly any time and then come the heroics. All the work that I could have been doing, gets done at the last minute. I started talking to friends and family about the script so that it would become REAL. Once you tell people they ask and you have to follow up. Much like the bright yellow Gotham postcard I have taped to my computer that says "Don't Forget to Write,". Telling people makes you have to do just that or look dumb, or unfocused at the least. Men are supposed to be the visual ones, but I am constantly seeing images that I want to capture for this script which, at two pages, I think about every day. I use my Evernote app to capture images that I want to put on the page. Scripts are much more structured than novels, so I spend a lot of time writing in Google Docs so I can format easily. As hard as it is, I know I am going to get this done. I would never skydive, but these writing challlenges are as close as I come to it and believe me it is a thrill you cannot recapture. Once you finish it you kind of forget the exhilaration that you had to get to that point. I will get there again.

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