Wednesday, April 20, 2011


by Maria Ferrer
1. You have no more clean underwear.

2.  Your toilet ring is bigger than your wedding ring.

3. Your dog is eating the cat food.

4. The dust bunnies under your bed are rioting.

5. You need to write down the lyrics to Justin Bieber’s latest song.

6. Charlie Sheen needs more friends on Twitter.

7. The last episode of General Hospital is on.

8. The cat is sleeping on the keyboard.

9. Your muse is out getting a pedicure / manicure.

10. Your significant other wants to play house.

I hope you found the excuses above cute. I’m sure you could list another 10 or 20 of your own. Feel free to add at will.

Interruptions and writer’s blocks used to get me down, but I’ve learned to accept them and to think of them as positives. You can too.

Maybe the reason you are so easily distracted and pulled away from your writing is because you are stuck, because your story is not flowing smoothly, because it needs a little more thought. So stop feeling guilty that you stopped writing to clean the toilet / go food shopping / play with hubby, instead welcome the free time to reflect on your plot, the characters, the dialogue.

Because, believe it or not, sometimes we do need a break from writing.♥

Maria Ferrer is a champion procrastinator. However, she has managed to finish one book. Now, if she could only find the time to edit it and submit. But alas, there’s a new Gerard Butler movie at the theatre she’s late for.

COMMENT:     Do let us know your opinion of writing interruptions. And, do share with us some of your excuses for a writing break.

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