Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Springing Forward

by F. Solomon

Maybe because it is Spring, or at least the suggestion of Spring in New York City, and even with a failed attempt at Script Frenzy, and although my life has been so hectic...even so I feel inspired.

I was at work, at my desk, and saw a name written with an unusual accent mark, and I was like, I should name my next character that. I do not even know who my next character is going to be, but I know her name!

An old friend said to me that she was surprised I did not finish what I had started and I said I was fine with it. A new acquaintance asked me if I was done with writing. I said no I was not, because it is the only thing I ever always do. Not finishing Script Frenzy felt like the end of the world, because, yes, it was something I started and I still believe in those characters...but I knew I was not going to never finish something again, as much as I joke about it.

I know I will continue writing. I am a very fatalistic person. Everything happens for a reason, as far as I can see, I have never questioned that. All the aborted ideas and stories that come from me still live with me. I once wrote a story about a relationship that had never happened to me so I had to imagine a lot to get it written. What I wrote came back to comfort me when I was in that type of relationship many years later.

Writing is not just rabbits you pull out of somewhere and put on paper. Writing is a healer; it is the thing you can do to write the actual, to create the imagined and it stays with you; it becomes a part of you.

So I cannot stop writing or imagining things to write, and trying to get them on paper or a screen. Failing to finish a piece makes me all the more determined to finish a piece. Not finishing Script Frenzy made me more committed to the creation and execution.

Seeing flowers all about me, as they struggle to come up, comforts me and let's me know they will come up and I will write.

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