Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking Joy

by F. Solomon

Many times when I am going to write a post, it seems that I have been out that night with friends. I am very appreciative of my friends, from whom I am always learning something and becoming a better person from. No one ever sees you like your friends do... the good and the bad; and, if you are friends for a long enough time, the good in their eyes is far more than you can or should ever see of yourself.

I always view myself as work on progress. So I stopped writing in April and though the urge has been there, I have not written a bit of fiction. There have been several blog posts and some passionate poetry, which I was pleased with, but even that is sparse. A good friend bought me a copy of Take Joy by Jane Yolen and I did.

I have wanted to write for a long time; the desire has been there but the motivation has been weak -- too many things going on.  Now, after reading this book, I really felt joy. A desire to write just by looking at this book. Maybe I am still calm from my yoga class, where we worked on emotional balance. Kundalini yoga always restores me, gives me focus.  And, I believe that we get in life what we give and put out. I am also a violent romantic; I always believe love will save the day.  It's why I am a member of RWANYC and why I write. I love the craft, and I am happy my friends remind me of that so that I can take some joy in my craft hopefully once again.

An idea for a story came to me...if I mention it does that mean I have to follow up? that I will be shamed into it?!!   No, I opt for joy....

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