Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bring On The Heat

by F. Solomon

When I joined RWANYC, one of the coolest things that I did ironically enough was bring the heat.

No, not the kind that we are currently enjoying outside, but the HOT issue in August. This is the third year of our HOT issue, and it already promises seduction and testosterone! Whoo! And yet there is more--if you are up to it. There is a small window that you can slip into and turn up the heat even more.

Summer is here, it is hot as...who says you have to go away to have a fling? Although I am going away, but it will be too late for this issue if I am inspired! So you all have to help me, turn my e-mail on fire. Send me or Maria--who is keeping the summer pretty hot herself--your erotic musings, fiction or poetry. It can be primal or loving, whatever your fancy, just make it hot. And if you have never written anything erotic, step outside--literally--you will want to come back into your cool surroundings and heat up the screen with something for us.

Plus, I have a secret to reveal that is kinda hot!  You'll have to wait for it!

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