Friday, July 15, 2011


By Karen Cino


The King of Swords is a unique character. He represents the astrological air signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The Hero that is also known as the Bad Boy.

The King represents a man over the age of 35. You can usually find him in high power jobs, such as a lawyer, government official, advisor or president of a company. He is a man of power, stern and not to be reckoned with.

There is no excitement with the King of Swords as he has all his emotions blocked, not letting them affect his judgment. Most people see him as arrogant and controlling, having no conscience.

Romantically, the King is blunt, sometimes to the point of indifference. You have to give him breathing room because no matter how much you try to get any sort of emotion out of him, he will put up the walls and block you out. He can be a loving partner, however, he is quick to cut off his emotions and use his independence as his reward of intimacy. Getting close to the King on an intimate level can be a struggle. If you can make it carefully through his barriers he can be a good partner.

The King of Swords is the perfect person to work out solutions quickly and cut to the chase in chaotic situations and provides the solution needed to move forward. Most of the time, he is truthful and can be relied on to handle situations fairly and honorably.

Like the other Kings, he has both positive and negative traits. His negative characteristics could be quite severe at times making him to be a phenomenal antagonist. As an antagonist, he frowns on people that don’t live up to his expectations. He sets the tone of a situation and expects everyone to follow in his footsteps.


Moral/ethical leader, lives by the highest principles, works against dishonesty, impartial, applies reason and logic, rational, wise, authoritative, good communicator and practical.

Negative traits

Bullying, scheming. Impersonal, calculating, vengeful, can be violent and cruel, emotional issues, uncaring and extremely over emotional in an out of control way. ♥

Karen Cino is President of RWA/NYC. She writes women’s fiction and is currently working on a fiction book with Staten Island locales.


  1. Interesting post, Karen, and helpful for creating characters, both the hero and the antagonist. I've used astrological signs in creating characters too. They say opposites attract, and their differences create conflict. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Cathy. You'll be surprised how the tarot helps with the development in your characters.