Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Post for Twombly

by F. Solomon

On a warm summer day, I read that the artist Cy Twombly died. His rendition of the seasons--summer accompanies this post--was a fixture once in the atrium at MoMA. He had recently been very active and has a current exhibition of sculpture at MoMA.

Four years ago, I read another article about a French woman, who was so overcome by one of Twombly's paintings that she kissed it!   Artinfo said she vandalized or even more harshly raped on of Twombly's paintings in the Musee D'Orsay. She said that she was overcome with pure, intense love and when she kissed the white canvas she left a lipstick imprint. The lawyer for the plaintiffs said, "I do not share the same vision of love. For me love requires the consent of both sides."

I definitely think it was an act of pure and intense love--I am a romantic and have felt flushed many times in a museum upon seeing the work of a favorite artist. I can tell you that the other season paintings are quite something at close range, and that a kiss is one of the best tributes to the life and work of Cy Twombly. And as writers, why not go to MoMA and get inspired by a master?

Just please do not kiss the art!

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  1. What an interesting example of love. We read recently in the Huffington Post that looking at a piece of art can have the same effects on the brain as being in love ( That being said, the woman's passion can surely hold some validity.