Monday, August 15, 2011


by K. Keith

Since I have a day job and lots of fun chores, like cleaning the toilet and shopping for baking soda, I’m constantly on the lookout for time to write, which brings me to Exhibit A, the Subway Train Delay.

Picture this: I’m sitting in a moving subway train car. The train stops in a tunnel. After several minutes pass, the conductor makes an announcement, complete with eardrum-piercing static, to us passengers. “Rrrw, rrw, grrwl train rrw grrr ahead xlllik,” he says. Or maybe it’s “Rrrwl rlllx fire nnnrrr” or “Rrowl rrwe llttz rrulrul.”

Anyway, after everyone in my section asks each other, “What did he say?” and we confer (“owls in the tunnels” is the consensus ), I pull out my small notepad. Ah, time to write the next scene of my historical romance while we wait for the owls to cross the tracks.

What’s your favorite nuisance-turned-extra-writing-time tip?♥

K. Keith is a RWANYC member. She's busy writing her first historical romance about Hexford, aka Lord Wilton, and Juliana.


  1. Hi Karen - My favorite are those moments when the kids are wrapped up in some video game and the dog doesn’t want to go out. I pull out a scrap sheet of paper and write down a few lines of dialogue. Jeanine

  2. Hi,
    Good advice for those times you can't do anything about a delay. I wrote the rough draft of my first book, Wildflowers, many years ago while commuting by bus on New Jersey transit. I wrote in a spiral notebook back in the days before PCs and laptops. Long waits at the doctor's office or during commercial breaks are times to write. Cathy G.