Monday, September 5, 2011

SUBWAY WRITING TIPS PART 2: Breakups and Cute Animals

By K. Keith

Continuing the discussion of hidden romance writing benefits when one takes the subway, kindly allow me to introduce you to Exhibit B: Breakups and Cute Animals.

Picture this: I’m on a subway train which is going over some big bridge (I always forget which one ). My nose is buried in a book. All of a sudden, the tranquility is broken by a woman screaming into her cellphone, “How can you do this to me, Nicholas (or Jason, or whatever his name was )?! How can you leave me? Is it because of Elise?” I give her a sneaky glance, and then survey my fellow passengers, who are either studying their newspapers, their cell phones or the gum stuck to the floor. Basically we’re all pretending that we’re not witnesses to a relationship meltdown. Ah, but later---this could be great fodder for an argument scene in one’s romance novel.

On to Cute Animals. While waiting for a train, I hear a sound coming from the tracks below. It sounds exactly like someone typing on a noisy keyboard. Hmmm….This is odd even for the subway. I look down and see—a rat standing on its hind legs and holding a bagel with its front paws; Quite the noisy eater for a little fellow. Since then, I’ve given a mouse in my romance novel some of that rat’s cheekiness.♥

K. Keith is a RWANYC member. She's busy writing her first historical romance about Hexford, aka Lord Wilton, and Juliana.

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