Tuesday, October 4, 2011


By Isabo Kelly

I write all over the place in the “woo woo” subgenre (as my first editor used to call it). I write fantasy, paranormal and science fiction romances and I write across the spectrum in heat levels. Why? Because it’s fun, it’s what I love to read, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than building a new world.

This is why I have published four different science fiction worlds, three different fantasy worlds (not counting my newest release which will mark the introduction of a fourth fantasy world), three or four paranormal based settings, and am working on books in three different paranormal/urban fantasy worlds at the moment. And this does not count the number of other worlds dancing around in my head or drafts of stories I’ve got waiting to be edited and submitted.

With all that, you might ask, how the hell do you decide what genre to write in at any given moment? To that I say, “Hahahahahha! I have no idea.”  Actually, sometimes it really is just a matter of inspiration. Characters come to me already firmly in a setting of some kind and I go with it. But sometimes, I get to choose.

My latest release from Samhain Publishing (http://www.samhainpublishing.com/) was one of those books I got to pick the genre. The idea started with this little snippet of dialogue (essentially the dialogue that now starts the book), and I decided since I hadn’t written or published a high fantasy story in awhile, I would take that dialogue and put it into a fantasy story. So I got to world building.

The result was BRIGHTARROW BURNING. And I’m really pleased with the final book. It’s dark, angsty, extremely sexy and romantic. For excerpts (and a look at the dialogue that started it all  :-) ) you can visit my website (http://www.isabokelly.com/) or Samhain Publishing.

Hope you all will enjoy the story!♥

COMMENT:   So how do you pick your genres? Are you like me and you bounce around a lot? Or do you have a specific genre, time period, element that you always return to in each book?

Katrina Tipton writes under the pseudonym Isabo Kelly and has published both mainstream and erotic romances. Her latest release is BRIGHTARROW BURNING.  Isabo's erotic romance science fiction novel, SIREN SINGING, won the 2009 Prism Award for best erotic romance. For more about Isabo’s books visit http://www.isabokelly.com/.

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  1. World building is so cool! Will check out the story at Samhain.