Saturday, February 18, 2012


By Teresa Miñambres

Writing a love scene is writing about an intimate mood. The first thing you must do is forget that you will eventually have an audience. You must be intimate with your characters and feel their emotions as well as the sensual textures that their bodies are experiencing.

When I listen to writers complain about how difficult it is to write a love scene, what I often hear is that it is embarrassing because others, strangers, will read it. You have to get over this shyness. Especially if you are writing erotica, you have to stop blushing.

Focus on describing the smells, the inner hunger, the feelings that make you overcome you shyness and fears, the yearnings that your partner pulls out of your sole and most of all the joining, the oneness that roars through you and causes you to experience a physical joy and pleasure like no other.

To write a good love scene you, the writer, must fall in love with the moment and the actions taking place in that moment. Forget the audience. Become one with your characters and convey their joy and pleasure as they learn about their lusts, their desires and the surprise and wonder which their love is.

Write the scene from both points of view and then blend them so that the whole experience can be viewed and felt. You should always remember that making your audiences feel what is happening in the scene is a very important objective in our story telling.

Teresa C. Miñambres works for New York City Transit currently, and, in her former life, she graduated with a Masters Degree in Spanish European History. She is working on two historical romances, one set in Texas and one set in Colorado; both involving Spanish land grants, which the heroines had inherited. Teresa's heroines and heroes are strong, opinionated and very sensual.


  1. Succinct and right on target advice, Teresa!

  2. Succinct and right on target advice, Teresa!

  3. I once knew a girl who had all the qualities that you ascribe to a good romance writer. She overcame her shyness and revealed the depths of her passion, sensuality, and love. I tried to spark her desires and when I did, I did not handle it well. I was too immature, egotistical, and I still hadn't discovered the caring and kindness that comes from true love. I finally found it after many years, and after suffering in ways that I deserved. The feelings and caring that she showed me enabled me to recognize love when I finally found it again. I have had many failings in my life but leaving her is what I regret most. I wish I could apologize - I am truly sorry and can never make it up to her. That girl would have made a wonderful romance writer because she understood what love means. I only hope that when I read your novels I can see the girl I once knew.