Saturday, February 25, 2012


by Maureen Osborne

The lovers I write about are from different racial and social backgrounds.

Before writing a defining love scene, I enjoy taking my characters to a place that will test their differences and what they believe of the other. They will find healing and/or understanding in that person. Whether the following scene is one of raw sex or tender caresses, the characters will be transformed.

In a recent story, I wrote of a black woman hiding behind the wealth and power of a husband in a marriage of convenience. When she survives an explosion in a foreign hotel, she finds heat and vulnerability with of a man who will not settle for convenience. He will make demands of her time, her body and her future.

Love scenes whether raw or tender are intimate conversations between characters that take a story to another level and beyond.

Maureen Osborne is a member of RWANYC Chapter who writes historicals and erotica.

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