Saturday, June 16, 2012


By Michael J. Molloy

In romance writing, I tend to extol the virtues of my heroine more so than my hero for obvious reasons. But since we’re focusing on the man, allow me to give my take on what the quintessential hero should be.

First, he should be modest. For me, it’s not about the man. Although some heroines may wish to lavish their men with high praise for noble deeds, it takes a special hero to step back and be a little humble. Most women are turned off when the hero is all over himself.

Second, the hero should be pleasantly unpredictable. He shouldn’t necessarily follow what’s expected of him. Have the heroine be amazed when her man does things she doesn’t assume as the norm. He doesn’t need to be overly spontaneous, but thinking outside the box once in a while will certainly go a long way in perpetuating the relationship between the hero and the heroine.

Third, he has to have compassion. If the heroine has something that’s troubling her outside her relationship with the hero, he ought to have a sympathetic ear for her plight. Show some understanding. Make the heroine feel wanted and appreciated. Be concerned.

Fourth, the hero has to have a very good sense of humor. By this, I don’t mean he has to goofy or ridiculous, but just make the heroine laugh a little, whether it be by words or actions. The heroine will appreciate her man’s whimsical charm.

Finally, the hero should be devoted and committed to his woman. In the face of adversity, when the heroine inexplicably does or says something under coercion or duress that may result in problems for the hero, he should have a forgiving heart and renew his pledge that he still loves her.

There you have it. Five components that I would like to see my hero manifest. Are all necessary to make the hero stand out? Not necessarily. But possessing the bulk of these virtues makes him highly desirable for the heroine.♥

Michael Molloy is a big fan of authors Stephen King, Tom Clancy and Frederick Forysth. He didn’t get the writing bug until 12 years ago. Michael was influenced greatly by an English teacher he had during his years at Stuyvesant High School -- the late Frank McCourt (ANGELA’S ASHES). In 2009, he self-published his novel, DEUTERONOMY: THE NEW TEN COMMANDMENTS.   Michael recently sold his mainstream romance novel, THE DIAMOND MAN, to Gypsy Shadow Publishing, which will debut in 2013.  It’s about a career minor league baseball announcer who struggles to put a terrible marriage behind him, and the attractive, kind-hearted woman who restores his faith in love.  Michael has begun a thriller called, SADISTIC PATTER, and he has also written a screenplay, “Simon Rockets”, which got as far as talks with Hollywood producer Beau Carson (“The Tempest”). To learn more about him, visit him at

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  1. Certainly the quintessential heroic qualities, Michael. I am printing and saving this in my character checklist. Thank you for the thoughtful post!

  2. I completely agree with your list, Michael! These are the qualities that I look for in my real and make-believe heroes :)