Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Maureen Osborne

My hero is British.
       Urbane and witty he lives life with easy sophistication and the hint of a smile.

My hero is in uniform.
       Charging into battle the way he charges through life and love.

My hero is tall.
       With strong arms to enfold a yielding body against his.

My hero is dark and brooding.
       Easy on the eye he ruthlessly keeps parts of himself hidden.

My hero is damaged.
       Angry and untrusting, he questions everything.

In the past, on a cold, damp January morning on the east bank of the Mississippi, my hero, Colonel Chris Hastings, will awaken from a familiar dream. As part of a British military force intent on taking New Orleans, his immediate foe is the American Army led by Andrew Jackson. His military experience will keep him safe to fight on, but no longer on a true field of battle. Through an act of valor, he will be abandoned by the defeated army.

That courageous act will lead to being hired by a wealthy New Orleans shipping merchant to protect his only daughter. There Chris will face a new foe and old enemies.

As time works against him with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, it will take all his formidable strength and courage to succeed in finding a killer.

In a land steeped in the mysteries of heritage and superstition, where lines of color are blurred, my hero will find the path to redemption and love.♥

Maureen Osborne continues to work on her historical romance that takes place at the conclusion of the Battle of New Orleans.

TOMORROW:  Come back and meet Drake Dente.


  1. COLONEL CHRISTOPHER DAVID HASTINGS sounds wonderful. I love historicals.

  2. Sold. I want to read the entire thing! You captured such character and drama in such a short post - captivating, indeed!