Friday, June 29, 2012


By C.H. Admirand

"My heroes have always been cowboys…."  I’ve always loved the way Willie Nelson sang that song and to some extent, it has been true in my life. Growing up I used to love watching silver screen legends: John Wayne and Gary Cooper and my TV faves: Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. While my tastes have changed over the years, an intrinsic part of the heroes I write about have that core-deep sense of right and wrong that I admired so much in those Saturday morning cowboy heroes.

But life is not always cut and dried, and good does not necessarily always triumph over evil—well at least we don’t always see it happening, but I haven’t lost faith that somewhere down the line if evil wins, eventually… good will triumph.

My heroes have to have flaws—no one in real life is perfect all the time—therefore, I need to give my heroes something that will draw readers to them and have readers rooting for them. The heroes I write about have to work hard to attain their goals…earning the right to a happily-ever-after…even if they don’t realize that it is what they want at the time.

My husband has been my hero for more than half my life…and as with all heroes, he has his flaws, but his core-deep sense of right and wrong, his honesty and integrity always shine through—that and his killer broad shoulders and working man’s hands—I’m such a sucker for broad shoulders and strong, callused hands.

In JESSE, the third book in my hot cowboy series for Sourcebooks—the Secret Life of Cowboys—it takes the love of a good woman…and her tiny pink cowgirl three-year-old to show him that love doesn’t always happen when you want it to…but when it’s meant to.

Here’s the link to read the blurb and an excerpt:

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C.H. Admirand is an award-winning, multi-published author, with a dozen novels and eight short stories to her credit.  Her books are available in hardcover, e-book, trade paperback, magazine, and audio.  JESSE is part of her The Secret Life of Cowboys series.  Visit her at

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  1. Love cowboys too. One of my favorites, Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

  2. Very eloquent case made for the allure of the cowboy and western heroes(and for broad shoulders and toughened hands....). I watched every cowboy show out there. Texas Rangers, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rawhide, and on and on. Movies, too, thrilled me, including Shane, and The Magnificent Seven (not cowboys, per se, but they had the horses, hats and guns....).

    Yesterday's cowboys were surviving in tough times, and today's cowboys are the descendants of the breed with an almost larger than life image. No wonder they're so popular! And showing the humanity beneath the callouses makes for a special pleasure. Taming a tough man....what could be more fun? Lovely post and excerpt!