Monday, June 25, 2012


By Carolyn Gibbs

While thinking of what to write for this post, I wondered what is exactly is a hero. As writers we all toss around the word hero so much, and use it without thinking about what it means. So I looked up the definition of the word hero, and then applied it my hero, Daren Elliot who is featured in my novella "Love & the Economy," which will be coming out in September by Secret Cravings Publishing.

As writers we all know our hero is the main character of our story. In short, the man our leading lady wants to get it on with. Of course the word hero has several meanings and the dictionary first states it as somebody who is admired. Well that’s an easy one, in "Love & the Economy," Daren is still admired, although from a distance by his ex-wife Andrea. When they’re forced to share their house again, Daren attempts to win Andrea’s love back and looks around and starts meeting her needs. He takes it upon himself to update her basement office. And it’s not long after Andrea sees him hauling lumber in his work clothes, and flexing his muscles while driving in nails that her admiration grows. But it’s not just a physical thing. Daren goes out of his way to become a better father to his children, and pitches in with the housekeeping. A hero who can design and build a room, and whip up dinner when Andre’s working late is hard for her to resist.

Another definition of a hero is a man with super human powers. Several things came to mind when I read this one, from firefighter’s and civilians running into burning buildings to save people, to the likes of Spiderman when he puts on “the suit”. Daren’s not a super hero in the big screen sense of the word, instead he’s a man who had a dream of having his own architectural business and then worked his buns off to achieve his goal. However, somewhere along the way he became a workaholic and lost sight of what was most important to him, his wife and family. What I find heroic in Daren is that he had the courage to take a bad situation, and to put his energy into doing something for the ones he loved.

And of course the last dictionary definition for hero is a long sandwich. At times Daren is a bit of a ham as he enjoys being the center of attention, especially when it’s Andrea’s attention he’s seeking.
While writing the story I rooted for Daren’s success. Once I got into Daren’s head and understood his motivations, it was easy to identify with him and to help him regain a relationship with his ex during a difficult time in his life. Once he realized he still loved Andrea, he rolled up his sleeves and began building a new life for the both of them, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s showing off his killer biceps while doing it. ♥

Carolyn Gibbs has a background in television news, and is published in short fiction. She’s a member of RWA New York City Chapter, RWA Women’s Fiction Chapter and Liberty States Fiction Writers. You can follow her on

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  1. Great post, Carolyn. I'm looking forward to reading this when it comes out. It sounds great!

  2. Thanks for commenting , Jean. This story was featured on my Tuesday Tales for awhile :)

  3. You've given us a great array of what it might mean to be a hero, Carolyn! And with that insight, I can't wait to see what a lovely one you've created in Daren!