Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WRITERCARE: Stress Management for Heroes

by Elizabeth Palladino

Stress is almost a given for anyone who is writing seriously for publication and dealing with the usual plethora of real-world commitments. The term ‘stress-free writer’ is probably an oxymoron.

Research shows that men are more prone to stress-related illnesses than women. Men are less likely to recognize stressors. In fact, they tend to deny that they even have any stress.

There are things men can and must do to achieve a more balanced life; women, too. Only you can take charge of your schedule and keep stress levels manageable. Identify the causes of stress in your life and accept any responsibility you have for creating stressors. Learn how to say no, avoid difficult people, take control of your environment, and cut down your to-do list. You may need to adapt to the stressor by trying to see it in a more positive manner, because you can’t control everything. Some things just cannot be changed.

You must make time for whatever is fun and relaxing for you. It may be football and beer nuts. Try to keep a sense of humor and stay connected to positive people. Build the strongest support system you can. You must do something enjoyable every single day. As a creative person, it is vital that you re-charge your batteries.

Whether you are male --or female--, taking care of yourself is not selfish and it is not a luxury. It will enable you to live a happy, healthy life as you publish your profitable novels long into old age.♥

Elizabeth Knowles Palladino lives in Kingston, New York, where she works in health care and writes medieval romance.
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  1. Good advice. However I find it hard to cut down that "to do" list.

  2. Nice post. Parents are parents, not Gods. Of course they cannot have all the answers. The way you explain things to your kids should do all the work…it all comes under parenthood and your people skills.