Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fear of THE END

by Maureen Osborne

You know the one I mean. The one where Gareth wraps Adele in a warm embrace after their victorious battle over the vampires. Or the one where Sebastian, married to a woman he is unsure of, hears her whisper his name with an open invitation. The end that closes a novel or series.

A great novel or series with characters that leapt from the page and became a part of your day. A book that you waited a year for, knowing that it would be the last book in a series. An end that meant no more bearable bus rides to work or characters that helped you fall asleep after a frustrating day.

A perilous time.

Do I run out and attempt to find another book right away? Should I stockpile books for the lean times? How will I sleep or cope with the bus? Should I even take a chance on another series knowing that it will be at least three years or more before the inevitable end?

No, although I will miss Gareth and Adele of the Vampire Empire series and will wait a year for the new Sebastian St. Cyr mystery, I won’t fear that I won’t fall in love again with another book or series. As the weather turns to Fall, the chase and discovery is well worth the time walking through Barnes & Noble, or curling up with the latest copy of Romantic Times or reading blogs.

Maureen Osborne is an aspiring author and member of RWA/NYC, currently working on a Victorian Christmas Romance with multi-cultural characters.


  1. I know well the bereft emotions that overwhelm me whenever a finish a beloved series, like Harry Potter, or even just the latest novel of one of my favorite authors. I wait, panting with excitement, expectation, delight, whenever a new title is announced. I check with the bookstore, and on-line, confirming and double confirming the expected release date. Then I rush - RUSH to the store to grab my copy. A thrill of elation pours through me as I spot it: The gorgeous cover, the story that pulses between the covers. Then! Yes! It is mine! I rush home - I read like a fiend, sequestered, tucked away to be undisturbed. And all too soon, I am turning the last page and .... it's OVER! Done! Now what do I do!? Most assuredly a desolate feeling until I can seek out and discover the next much awaited book or series.

  2. Great post, Maureen. Seems like as soon as one story is over, the tendency is to rush to read something else. It's good to think of the end as a pause in between activities or reading.

  3. I too hate endings and letting go of characters I have fallen in love with. I can't let go, which is why my bookshelves are overflowing and I have stacks of books littering my floor. But if I didn't, I wouldn't recognize the place nor know where to find a happy ending when I need one. ---maria