Wednesday, January 16, 2013


by Thea Devine

I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. I love being in love. Love is magic. Love is profound. Love is enfolding. I think love is forever -- and that we all yearn for that deep visceral knowledge of the other person that transcends everything but the need and desire to be together.

That's the way I felt when I first met my husband, and how I feel 46 years later. Enfolded. Everything known and understood. And loved.

But maybe when you're young and a little jaded, you can't ever imagine feeling that way. Maybe you feel used and abused. Maybe you think the guys always get everything and you get nothing. Maybe you're leaving college and thinking, it's going to be that way forever, that love is just a throw-away word, and it's all about plug-and-play sex and good-bye in the morning.

Or maybe you're up for trying something out of the box. Maybe it's time to get before you give, time to find a more mature man who will appreciate the skill set of a young and flexible woman, a man who wants you so desperately, he's willing to give a lot to get you, even toss His Little Black Book.

(By the way, how do you get your name in His Little Black Book?)

Sounds sooo seductive, so easy to accomplish you might even think you could make it happen.

This is the delicious life plan cooked up by three college friends, who've decided their next best career move after graduation is to become high end mistresses of very wealthy men.

And love has nothing to do with it.

Can they make it happen? What would you have done? Could the lifestyle of a high end mistress seduce you? Could you resist the idea of having that kind of control of your love life? Do you believe in love?

Everyone ...

The Mistress Club is now in session ...

Thea Devine is a charter member of RWA/NYC and the USAToday best-selling author of 25 erotic historical and contemporary novels. The reissue of her erotic contemporary romance, HIS LITTLE BLACK BOOK, in eBook edition is available now for the sale price of $2.99 through January 20th.

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