Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Personal Inspiration

People look at me and they see how I can possibly by a suspense writer. Gray hair with a goatee to match. A few lines etched on the face. A little mystery here. And then there are my man cave habits – Saturday morning bacon and eggs breakfast, occasional male bonding with family and friends with brewskies, and let’s not forget I’m an avid NFL fan. How in the world does this guy get the inspiration to write romance? Well, to tell you the truth, there is one person that serves as the impetus for me to emerge from the heavy side. Yes, believe it or not, beneath this gruff exterior lies the heart of a teddy bear. And there is one special lady in my life that has helped me manifest my lighter self. Her name is Connie Colvin.

I had been going through some rough times personally in recent years. And then Connie walked into my life. To me she has been a Godsend. She has kept me on an even keel, and I give her much love and support in return. Connie actually has spurred me on to write romance, because when I write about love, I write about her. In fact, I have affectionately dedicated my upcoming novel THE DIAMOND MAN to her. She actually serves as the model for the story’s heroine, Anne Finley.

There are other romance projects I plan to work on down the road. They will cover different relationships young, old, and in between. But there will always be one common denominator in all of them: Connie. And when you read about these various heroines, rest assured there will always be a little bit of Connie in each and every one of them.

Michael J. Molloy’s first writing endeavor was DEUTERONOMY: THE NEW TEN COMMANDMENTS, a self-published suspense novel. In a recent contest sponsored by Writer’s Digest, Michael’s work garnered one judge’s praise as “almost the model of a page turner.” Michael’s newest romance endeavor THE DIAMOND MAN will soon be available through Gypsy Shadow Publishing. Please visit his website for the latest developments.

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  1. Oh My God, Michael what a fabulous love letter to Connie. Beautifully written, to the point but sweet to boot. She's a lucky woman to have such public appreciation from her man. Happy Valentine's Day to both of you.