Monday, February 25, 2013

Smoke and a Novel

by Mageela Troche

Back in college, I smoked. I loved having a cigarette. Nothing was better. If you’re an ex-smoker, you get it. One day, I faced a great life dilemma. I had a cigarette but no light. The horror! But the smoking gods were looking out for me because before me was a girl who was smoking. I asked for a light and while we puffed, we chatted. Her name is Liz. Well, over the semester we became friends actually, it happened pretty quickly.

One day, we were hanging out between classes. We were talking about books. I told her that I loved to read. I was more of the classic literature girl or mysteries. She swore I had to read romance novels. I had read Sweet Valley High and Pride and Prejudice. Well, Liz popped up straight in her excitement. She pressed Stephanie Laurens’ Devil’s Bride into my hand and said, “You have to read this.” Before the next breath, she started blurting out a synopsis of the book. I think I ever told her to take a breath. Her cheeks turned red and her brown eyes almost bulged out her head. I couldn’t help but feel her excitement. We still laugh about it.

I took it home and read it in one night. Devil was too damn hot not to. Yes, Liz made me a romance addict and I’m pleased to admit it. I proudly show off my corny covers. So, as life continues down its path, I got back into writing. When I decided to write a novel, a romance novel was the only genre I would write.

So, more than a decade later, Liz and I are still friends. We both quit smoking. She’s a teacher and I have my debut novel (a Highland Romance) will be released this year, which she takes great pride in, telling me and anyone else she speaks too.

So Liz lit the inspiration. Good thing I needed a light. How horrible would my life have been if I had never met Liz. That a story for another time — A horror story — written by someone else, since I write romance.

The Marriage Alliance

Coming Soon from Secret Cravings Publishing


  1. Life without romance novels would be hell indeed. Say thank you to Liz for us too. Otherwise we'd never would have met you either.

  2. **SNIFF** I remember that!! Oh we were so young and Devil was the stuff of little girl's dreams and bad girl's fantasies. Still one of my favorite books and I am so happy that you fell in love with him too. Yes I like to brag that I created that monster but I know.. writing is in your blood, its who you are and how you tell stories. I'm just happy that I can call you my best friend.

  3. Mageela, it still tickles me that people used to stare at the racy/corny covers of my Romance books. Now the stare is down to the cancer-stick in your hand! Gee, smoking has become so anti-social. Good thing I gave up years ago. Though it was such a bonding habit, no? Glad you and Liz met, sounds like a wonderful friendship!

    Best of luck with The Marriage Alliance!