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I love the alpha hero. I love their virility, their mental and physical strength, their take-charge attitude. I especially love the way they become overprotective and possessive for those they care about. But writing the alpha hero can be quite the challenge. No two alphas are created equal—they can be tough, gentle, tortured, or just plain badass—but they all possess the same qualities that make them swoon-worthy.

But, the line between dominant and domineering can be extremely fine when writing the alpha hero—something I struggle with when writing my own men. In order to avoid this, while still writing the quintessential alpha hero, I try to keep his core characteristics in mind.

Here are nine key traits that can make any alpha hero a keeper:

1. A natural leader. The alpha male lives life with a purpose. He provides direction and guidance when needed. He is authoritative without being overly aggressive. Though he allows others to share their opinions, he is looked upon to take control and make the right decisions.

2. Possess high morals and values. A true alpha hero is not abusive or arrogant. He is thoughtful and never looks down on others or mistreats those weaker then him. Trust an alpha to always pick the high ground, if not at the beginning, certainly by the end.

3. Always composed. Alpha males are usually calm, calculated, and controlled people. They do not allow themselves to be carried away by their emotions. It is their confidence and emotional control that demands respect from those around them.

4. Demonstrates physical strength. Most alpha men are physically fit. They exude the kind of physical strength that draws women to them for protection and safe keeping. Regular workouts are part of their regime but they do not allow their muscles to do their talking.

5. Problem Solver. The alpha hero has a keen mind. He can assess a situation and find the best logical solution. He is the best at what he does, and can overcome any obstacle and challenge, which further adds to his appeal.

6. Self-driven and self-disciplined. Once an alpha male decides on a goal, all his attention will be at achieving it. He will be persistent and focused in getting what he wants. He is his own man, makes his own rules, and follows his own path.

7. Rejects failure. The alpha hero will bounce back from his failure, learn from the experience, and move ahead with life. He is always testing his limits and, by doing this, he is constantly sharpening his skills as he continues to evolve and grow.

8. Not afraid of risks. Nothing holds alpha men back. They understand that to achieve the things they want in life, they have to take risks. They do their best to limit these risks, however, through proper research and planning, which allows them to seize opportunities as they come.

9. A born hunter. A true alpha male loves the chase. He does not act needy with any woman, but it takes a special kind of woman to impress him and attract his attention. And when he wants something, he goes after it.

Writing the alpha hero can be fun and exciting. He is comfortable with himself, the epitome of confidence and control, and does not let anything or anyone stand his way. He has a way of taking over the page and generating a strong, unforgettable story—as long as the writer allows them to be themselves.♥

Lena Hart is an author of sensual romances with several novellas and short stories published. When she is not writing happily ever afters’ for her alpha heroes and sexy heroines, she is most likely reading, researching, or conferring with her muse. To learn more about Lena and her work, visit or find her rambling at


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  2. Writing about an alpha hero takes skill, as his dominance could often been seen as domination and abuse. Not at all what a true alpha man is about. I love my alpha man the most when he realizes he has finally fallen in love. Great post!

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