Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A COWGIRL’S PASSION by Charlotte Rose

August 1 – September 20

Jake took her hand and looked deeply into her eyes with a love and passion she'd never seen in a man before.
"Ashley Jane, you're 21 and not a minor anymore, but you're 10 years younger than me and your dad will have my hide if I mess with his little girl."

"I'm not a little girl anymore, Jake."

 "No," she said, knowing he was confirming her virginity. "But I want to be ... with you."

"Ah, Ashley, there will be a young man who can offer you the world you deserve. You'll be glad you saved yourself."

Ashley felt the tears stinging her eyes but she was determined to get what she wanted. She reached up and took hold of his beautiful face with both hands and kissed him passionately. Jake couldn't resist her warm lips, and the closeness of her. His mind was anguished –she was the boss’ daughter– but he loved her and always had. He took her into the warmth of his big arms and chest. She melted into him as their kiss deepened.

Then she pulled back slightly and gazed at him in a way that stripped away his last ounce of resistance and caused passion to stir just south of his belt buckle.

"Make love to me, Jake," she pleaded softly, the words slipping out so fast she couldn't catch them if she tried.

He kissed the top of her head and sighed. He knew this love could no longer be ignored.
© 2013 A COWGIRL’S PASSION by Charlotte Rose

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Charlotte Rose is a journalist specializing in love, sex, and the new erotic romance revolution. She is author of four erotic romance novels and her novella, A Cowgirl’s Passion, is due out this fall. Follow her on Twitter @authorcrose and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteRoseBooks.


  1. Sounds like there's something else that can no longer be ignored (nudge nudge, wink wink).
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. What girl doesn't want to tame a cowboy, sigh... You had me at the first line.

  3. Love the sense of yearning between the two! Nice scene.