Wednesday, August 21, 2013


August 1 – September 20


Suddenly, he pulled back and grasped my face.

The rumble that I had grown accustomed to became a roar. “Allegra.”

He grabbed the nape of my neck, clamping his lips over mine. His tongue pried my lips open, desperate for entry. With his left arm diagonally pressed across my back and his hand on my shoulder blade, he pinned me tight into his chest, a slate of marble against my curves.

My mouth widened as I accepted his tongue. We began to devour each other. I wanted him so much. My hands coiled around his neck, one fisted in his hair, the other around his shirt collar. The taste of him was pure ecstasy for my mouth. I couldn’t stop, and neither could he.

We weren’t acting like horny teenagers. We were primal creatures in heat.  

When we finally came up for air, I laid my head on his shoulder with my hands at my sides. His hands fell down to my hips from exhaustion. We were panting, desperate for oxygen.

My chest was heaving against his. “Oh my God.”

“I know.”

Davison slightly leaned to his left, pressing a button and speaking into an intercom. “Charles, take the scenic route.”

That piqued my curiosity. “Scenic route?”


Oh God, yes.

“I need time for something I’ve wanted to do for weeks.”


“Making you come.”
©2013  ENCHANTING HIM by Flora Vesna
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Ulyana Dejneka writes contemporary erotic romance under the pen name Flora Vesna. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing (fiction) from Adelphi University. She is a member of RWA-PRO and can be found on Twitter: @floravesna.


  1. Fast and Furious! I love sex in a car...

  2. err...I mean once I found out the scene was set in a car, I had to go back and read it again!

  3. Nothing like primal - there's no stopping it and there's no politeness, nothing casual, just hunger, want and need. Yum.