Saturday, August 17, 2013

GETTING IT ALL by Troy Storm

August 1 – September 20
The mountain solidly backed them. They must be on the Taconic somewhere, she thought. Facing the sunset, rolling valleys in front. If they had gone down to the river, the sun would have already been hidden behind the hills on the other side of the Hudson. This was perfect. They got out of the car and walked to the guardrail surrounding the area.
He put out an arm inviting her into his embrace. He's just being nice, she thought. Though it was beginning to get a little chilly. His body heat was so comforting, she could have curled into him. His arm so secure around her, she could have taken up residence. Paid taxes. His heartbeat so solid, she could have wept with the peace and safety that enveloped her.
"Nice, huh?" The sound of his warm voice would have melted her, if she weren’t a puddle already.
She could feel him looking down at her, but she was afraid to look away from the impeccable sunset, all pink streaks and faraway clouds against a gradated blue wash of fading sky. Maybe it was just a little blinding. Her eyes teared. She put up a hand to shield the rays. A gentle finger touched her chin, turning her to him.
His infinitely unreadable face came toward her and he kissed her on the lips. A feather touch—although she didn't remember ever having been kissed by a feather before.
He lifted his other arm to shield his eyes from the sun, too.
"Thanks for coming here. This is a special place to me." He gave no further explanation other than to conclude, "And now it's special for you, too. For us."
She couldn't decide—that is, her traitorous body couldn't decide whether to break into tears or scream with joy—at the gorgeous sight. Of him. And the sunset. So she did neither. She just stood...and wished that she could be glued to the spot with Matt forever.
© 2013 GETTING IT ALL by Troy Storm
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Troy Storm’s first two CoveHaven erotic romances, HAVING IT ALL and GETTING IT ALL are now available on the Secret Cravings Publishing website, Amazon and other outlets.  The third book in the series, WANTING MORE, will be released in October of 2013. Follow Troy on Facebook at and Goodreads.  His blog is at


  1. This bit's so superbly romantic, I feel a bit swoony. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Tender and romantic. I definitely swooned!

  3. Thanks, ladies. The rest of the book is pretty swoony, too. And in some places, it gets a lot more active! Hope you get a chance to read it and enjoy!