Thursday, August 15, 2013


August 1 – September 20

SET UP:  Andrea and Daren Elliot, a divorced couple, who due to financial problems are forced to share their family home again. Unexpectedly things heat up between the two while Andrea’s getting ready for a date.

A magnetic force drew her from above, and she titled her head up. Daren eased his head down to meet her. Their lips were an inch apart, then they paused before connecting. He lightly brushed her lips with his. At first it was so soft, she hardly felt it. Then he gradually increased the pressure and delved his tongue beyond her slightly parted lips. His tongue softly stroked hers. Andrea felt the same desire and sparks fly as the first time they kissed. A familiar rush of energy flowed through her, exciting and comforting her at the same time, like being warmed by a favorite blanket.

       The heat of his breath on her exposed neck barely prepared her for the familiar sensation of his stubble rubbing against her neck. He kissed her neck lightly, tracing the path she had just made with her perfume. He acted as if enraptured, breathing in deeply, while his right hand continued to caress her chest. She leaned back, allowing him greater access to her breast, which he now owned.

As she reveled in his touch, a faint musical note enchanted her. Wow, this moment has its own soundtrack that only I can hear. She took the magical music as a positive sign and reached her arms around Daren to let the rhythm carry her. She heard the distant tone again.

The doorbell! The realization jolted her out of her trance, and she jumped back, "Oh, no. It’s my friend. I'm not ready."

“You feel ready to me, baby.” Daren reached out and grabbed her again and held her against him. “Don’t worry about the bell. Your friends can wait a few minutes for you while we’re being naughty.”

Oh, great. Daren thought I was going out with my friends, and before I could say anything to soften the blow

“Mommy, some man’s here for you!” Melissa shouted upstairs.
© 2012 LOVE AND THE ECONOMY by Carolyn Gibbs

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Carolyn has a background in television news and writes romance and women’s fiction. She lives in New York City, loves hiking and yoga and Tai Chi, and has a Kindle loaded with romance, fiction and philosophy.  Visit her at and


  1. The sparks are flying! I wonder why they broke up in the first place...

  2. “You feel ready to me, baby.” -- Love that line =). This is already on my Kindle and can't wait to read!