Sunday, August 25, 2013

STOLEN SPRING by Louisa Rawlings

August 1 – September 20


SETUP:  1700 France. Marie-Rouge has fled her lecherous suitor from Versailles and stumbled into the cottage of Pierre leBrun, a humble country miller. He gives her refuge, and their weeks together slowly ripen into passion. Here is the scene as they make their way home from a village fair after a night of love:

“Woman, if you value your life…” He gave a low moan, half in pain, half in ecstasy.

She looked up, startled out of her sensual reverie, aware suddenly that she had been thinking of his making love to her. “Does this vex you?” she asked in surprise. His face was taut, a small muscle working in his jaw. She glanced down and saw the unmistakable bulge that betrayed his feelings. She smiled. He, too, was thinking of their night of passion. “Why must we be in such a hurry to return?” she murmured. Delighted at her unexpected power, she continued to fondle the hairs on his forearm.

None too gently he removed her hand from his arn. “The grain,” he said. “I should get to it today.”

“Yes, of course. The grain. The grain is very important.” She began to hum.

He eyed her with suspicion. “Now what?”

“Why, nothing! We must get back to sift the grain today, n’est-ce pas? Surely it can’t wait until tomorrow!” She resumed her song.

“Don’t touch my arm,” he warned.

“I wouldn’t dream of touching your arm,” she said, and put her hand firmly over the bulge of his groin.

© 2013 STOLEN SPRING by Louisa Rawlings

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Award-winning author Louisa Rawlings was born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in Western Massachusetts. She studied Art History and French Literature at Brown University. Her first historical novel, written as Ena Halliday, was chosen by Pocket Books to launch their Tapestry line. She subsequently wrote for Popular Library/Warner and Harlequin Historicals under the pen name of Louisa Rawlings, the name of her maternal great-grandmother. She has written for Kensington/Zebra under the pseudonym of Sylvia Halliday. She has published 14 historical romances.   STOLEN SPRING will be released by Samhain  under the name of Sylvia Halliday writing as Louisa Rawlings.  Her second Samhain release will be FOREVER WILD.  Friend Sylvia Halliday / Louisa Rawlings at


  1. What a great way to end an excerpt! :) I already like the heroine, she sounds fun, lol.

  2. I don't read enough romance novels set in France. I need to read yours!

  3. LOL, that list bit packed quite a punch! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. There's nothing like the PERFECT line to convey an entire relationship and with this last one you have shown us your heroine in a nutshell! Love it.

    1. Thanks to all, if a bit late. Just got back from a week in California with my daughter, and missed the day of the blog release. Loved writing that book. Aside from being a clever woman with a sharp tongue, Rouge is also involved in spying for Louis XIV!