Friday, August 23, 2013


August 1 – September 20

Hades’ hand slid up her torso to settle on one pert breast over the gown she wore. Persephone let out a low moan and ceased her movements. Her chest swelled with a deep inhalation, which forced her nipple to press against his thumb.

“Hades…” Persephone sighed against his cheek. Her hands slid down to his shoulders and delicately kneaded them once. Then again.

Hades said carefully, “You…want me to stop.”

The goddess pulled back just enough so she could meet his gaze. “I want to…understand you. And myself…”

His throat convulsed as he swallowed, hard. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

She looked down at his hand, which had slipped away from her breast. Then her eyes drifted to the brooch that held the top of her chiton in place. Finally, Persephone met his stare. She squeezed his shoulders a third time, slowly. “I want you to do…more.”

Hades raised his hand to the brooch.

Persephone let out a long, lush breath.

He unfastened the jeweled clasp. The gown slithered down her breasts until they were bared to him.

“More,” she commanded softly.

Hades cupped one reverently. “Like this?”

“…more…” Persephone repeated, her head falling back.

Hades’ thumb gave her exposed nipple a deliberate stroke.

She shivered, then reached for his face to reclaim his lips. “More,” the goddess breathed into his mouth.

The Lord of the Underworld made haste to obey.
©2013 THE FATAL KISS by Mina Lobo
ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Mina Lobo writes dark and whimsical romances, dodges the slings and arrows of her outrageous college-aged son, and feels compelled to do things in threes. She digs comedic horror, alternative rock, and Belgian chocolates.   THE FATAL KISS will be released this Fall.  Visit Mina at  Here are other contacts for her:
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  1. Yes, MORE. I'm dying here waiting for your book to come out...I love mythology, and your style so it's a lock that I'll love your book.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Wonderful, Mina!!! Love this! Facebooked and Tweeted

  3. Definitely, MORE! Can't wait to read it cover to cover.

  4. Whoa, you really do know how to turn up the heat. Still fanning myself. Congratulations.

  5. I think we all agree that we want more! Love the pacing.

  6. Aw, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting, all y'all! I'm gonna bask in all the warm and fuzzy, now. :-)

  7. Ohh, this sounds sinful! Can't wait for its release! =)

  8. A super scene and I'm so excited to see Gods behaving badly on the scene! I've always thought it was a seriously underserved sub-genre of romance. Way to rock Mount Olympus Mina!