Sunday, August 18, 2013

TIME TO PLAY by Tamara Lynch

August 1 – September 20

“Stay,” says Evan, tossing his shirt to the floor. He’s lounging a few feet from me. A silver chain glints over his tan muscled chest and his unzipped jeans slouch off of his hips. I want to run my tongue over the heavy colorful art work that covers his shoulder and bicep.

“C’mere,” I say. 

His head shakes slowly. “I want to look at you.” Our eyes lock. “Take your shirt off,” he commands.

Excitement pounds in my chest, but I hesitate, unsure if I want to play his game, feeling suddenly insecure.  How many young, hard-bodied, girls his age had undressed for him?  I have been good to my 38 year old body, but Mother Nature is my contestant nemesis. Yet his command thrills me in spite of my reservations.

I discard my t-shirt and stand motionless in a nude bra and skinny jeans.  My fingertips play over the swells of my cleavage.  His breath hitches in his throat.

“Your bra. Now.” His deep voice has become husky and my gaze lands on the strain at the front of his jeans.  A throbbing begins between my legs.

My bra drops to the floor and my nipples tighten from exposure. He lets out a soft groan. “The jeans,” he says, running a hand over his open fly.

I shrug out of my skinnies, adjust my red panties with a light snap, and meet his hot stare, unsure of what’s next on his agenda.    

©2013 TIME TO PLAY by Tamara Lynch

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Tamara Lynch is a writer whose lifestyle, relationship, race, and culture pieces have appeared on several webzines including, The Huffington Post, and  She has also contributed to the Madonna Anthology Madonna and Me published by Soft Skull Press. Follow her on Twitter @Lynchlyfe or comment on her blog posts at


  1. That was fabulously *hot*! Dig that your heroine isn't just out of college! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  2. Whew, I'm pretty sure I know what's on his agenda, and I think she can handle it...